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10 of the best free mobile games of 2019

by ace
10 of the best free mobile games of 2019

2019 was not the most exciting year ever for console games, but the same is not true of the mobile segment. Smartphones are a platform increasingly considered by major studios and the quality standard forces titles to surpass each other successively. In the year that ended, a lot of great games were released for both Android and iOS, and there are 10 of those we highlight today.

Sky: Children of the Light is an example of how mobile games can be authentic works of art. With a magical atmosphere and design that gives it a lot of personality, the adventure invites players to explore the skies of a new realm where puzzles multiply. The game has an emotional tone and consecutively explores the beauty of the environment, in a very different proposal than usual in application stores.

Another noteworthy title is Gwent, the card game from the Witcher universe, which the new Netflix series popularized with new audiences. Build a strong deck and face online opponents in games where the winner is the one who can best manage their resources.

A third completely different proposal is that of Godzilla Defense Force. This is a base defense game, inspired by Godzilla's universe, where you will have to organize your arsenal and army to face the successive invasions perpetrated by various animal beasts.

In the gallery below you can see these and seven other games, all released in 2019, all free, and all well received by the public. Let us now wait to see what 2020 has in store for us in this chapter.


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