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10 Technological Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

by ace
10 Technological Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Although traditional perfumes, pajamas and chocolates are still on the gift list, the letters to Santa Claus – from kids and adults – are increasingly in demand for technology.

Parents like “smart” things – cars, watches, phones, televisions, appliances, bracelets, homes, and gadgets.

The children of more “advanced” things – virtual reality glasses, drones, electric scooters, gadgets and toys that can be controlled through the phone, wireless equipment, state-of-the-art consoles and high-end computers.

Regardless of your choices, you should be aware of some details before purchasing technological equipment:

  • Compatibility – Depending on the product concerned, ensure its energy compatibility, or with other hardware and software.
  • Old / Discontinued Product – At Christmas there are truly attractive price campaigns. Many of them aim to dispose of stock of discontinued or quite old products. Search the model on the internet.
  • Advertising vs. Utility – Don't rely solely on advertising, find out about the product before you buy it. Make sure it will really meet your needs and expectations.
  • Return Policies (in-store and online) – Christmas returns may change. In accordance with European law, whenever you buy a product or service online, or outside a business (telephone, correspondence or door-to-door sale), you are entitled to cancel the purchase and return the order within 14 days. In stores, this policy is different. Ask before you buy.

Right now, technology is a gift that appeals to all ages. Incidentally, many of the equipment purchased or offered end up being shared by the whole family, except for some more personal items, such as a smartphone or smartwatch. In the gallery see some of the SAPO TEK proposals for each family member.


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