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2010-2019: Unveiling of new consoles, events in catadupa and growth of …

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2010-2019: Unveiling of new consoles, events in catadupa and growth of ...

Following Google's announcement during the GDC in March, Microsoft also decided to put the cards on the table, and during E3 unveiled its cloud gaming service, Project xCloud. Phil Spencer, in his reconciling style, congratulated Google on the initiative, noting that the work Microsoft has been doing over the past two years in the cloud has been validated by drawing the attention of outsiders to the industry and showing how it works. your technology. Then followed Apple, which unveiled Apple Arcade, a subscription service with access to 120 games at its launch and a $ 5 monthly fee. More than a repository, the service has been praised for the amount of quality games, especially exclusive.

But don't think services are just a new fad or alternative to business. They are really a necessity and demand of Millennials who are willing to consume more gaming subscription services than television. Deloitte claims to have conducted a study in which more than half of respondents have more game subscriptions than television.

The Apple Arcade service costs $ 5 a month for an initial library of 120 games.

In March, Sony expanded PlayStation Now to Portugal, a service that has been maturing over the past decade since Sony acquired Gaikai in 2012. Sony's cloud gaming service features a catalog of over 700 titles, fed monthly with interesting news. Still with regard to subscription services, Microsoft has been praised for the quality of games it adds monthly to the Xbox Game Pass, leading it to expand to the PC. Ubisoft has also launched part of its PC catalog, offering 100 titles for $ 15 a month, on UPlay +. And when it comes to television, Disney Plus opened in the United States with the excellent Star Wars-based television series The Mandalorian.

Finally, towards the end of the year, Facebook does not seem to want to be left out of this new business context around video games, and revealed the acquisition of Spanish PlayGiga to launch in cloud gaming, for a value of 70 million euros. .

And which “One Ring” GOG service, the well-known digital video game store, will launch a second version of its GOG Galaxy application and its main objective is to “embrace” all services by bringing them together into a single application including PC and consoles. It's still in beta, but anyone who has tried to say that when it works, it works well and can be an essential tool in the future to keep under-the-roof game collections across all services and platforms, including buddy lists and startups. applications.

There are more and more video game events for a more valuable industry.

Newzoo and Game Industry.biz recently launched a study on the value of the video game industry in 2019 and were found to be worth $ 149 billion for a 7.2% global growth over 2018. And mobile devices they already account for nearly half of that, occupying 46% of the market share. And still in numbers, the PC segment represents 24%, almost the same as the consoles together that is in the 30% of the cake.

The growth of the industry was also felt in Portugal with the holding of different video game events. This year debuted Worten Game City, which like Rock in Rio intends to build a gaming city every two years. The debut was at Cordoaria Nacional with several initiatives related to gaming. Already fully dedicated to eSports, the Moche XL Esports took place at the Altice Arena as the second edition of competitions.

The event served as an aperitif to Moche XL Games World, the event hosted by E2Tech, the company that previously organized Lisboa Games Week. The separation of FIL led to two weekends in a row two “similar” events that caused some controversy, dividing fans and promoters. FIL eventually took the reins of organizing this year's edition of Lisboa Games Week.

And don't forget yet how annually the Portuguese studios continue to struggle to a prominent place within PlayStation, applying for the Talents Award. This year, for the 2018 edition, the big winner was the video game KEO, which has been making a lot of fuss, from the Azorean studio Red Cat Pit. And also outside, there is a Portuguese giving cards in indie production, such as Luís António who showed at E3 at the Microsoft conference his 12 Minutes, considered the best independent game of the event.

This year was also very interesting for eSports. Events attract more and more audiences, and abroad players are becoming millionaires by participating in tournaments. See the team Two-time champion of The International, earning $ 15.6 million this year record pool prize pool of 34.3 million. Or the young Bugha, who raised $ 3 million at Fortnite World Cup, another tournament with high prize amounts.

More and more companies are interested in investing in eSports, such as Ford who created e-sports competition teams, but there are other brands that want to use the phenomenon to communicate, such as Marvel and Pringles. Important to highlight the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, considered this year the best eSports game by the Game Awards. Riot Games promises to expand the universe and already announced new games based on the famous MOBA.

There would still be plenty to list this year full of industry news, major video game releases, controversies and news. But 2020 promises to continue to warm up until the new consoles launch. Until then, we'll be playing fantastic things like The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. And we believe a lot is yet to be announced, as this generation still has a lot to offer…

2009-2010: A Decade of Profound Gaming Changes

The weight of services as new forms of business in video games and new consoles is the foundation of the industry. The current generation of consoles was introduced in 2012 with Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4. Nintendo was far from replicating Wii's success with the Wii U, which was a flop. Switch arrived early and made up for its previous lack of success, to the point that it is slowly retrieving part of its Wii U game catalog.

But more important than the new consoles, was the introduction of new ways of playing. The release of Avatar in 2010, James Cameron's 3D movie, would spark three-dimensional interest in both cinema and videogames. Sony has invested in 3D games on the PlayStation 3, as well as televisions ready for the famous glasses. And even Nintendo thought it could replicate this effect on 3DS without wearing glasses. The "fashion" didn't last long and shortly after Sony made forget the 3D and Nintendo would release versions of the laptop in two dimensions, the 2DS. Nowadays, those who play at Switch don't even remember what 3D games are.

But if 3D died prematurely, virtual reality has given way to this technological trend of transporting us to another dimension. On the PC came the Oculus Rift that sparked interest in the famous VR glasses, drawing the attention of Facebook that would buy the company. HTC Vive and the Valve Index in the future are set to compete for the PC space as well. But on the consoles, Sony rules alone through its PS VR system, which already has an impressive catalog of video games and more than 4 million systems sold in March.

tek PS VR One of the trends of the decade was the introduction of virtual reality in video games. Let's ignore Nintendo's Virtua Boy, okay?

One of the big paradigm shifts of the decade was the emergence of influencers, content creators, opening the way video games reach different audiences. YouTube's so-called “Let’s Play” and platform streaming like Twitch are already part of video game culture. The creators have become millionaires and have risen to the status of movie and television stars, such as figures like PewDiePie or the Ninja, who attract millions of followers.

Player collaboration as content creators for the games themselves is also growing. The main catalyst was Minecraft, undoubtedly one of the great games of the decade, as it allowed players to create worlds where everything is practically possible to do. The game's success even led Microsoft to acquire its producer Mojang for $ 2.5 billion, an astronomical value at the time. This was followed by games like Super Mario Maker, LittleBigAdventure, The Sims, and later Dreams for the purpose of letting the community feed the game itself.

But of course there could not be a gaming swing of the decade without the video games themselves. Knowing that these lists are always subjective, SAPO TEK has compiled a list of the top 20 titles of the last 10 years, which include, of course, The Witcher 3, The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, and of course Red Dead Redemption, and sequel . A decade is too much time to host just 20 games, so each player should have their own personal playlist. See ours in the gallery.


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