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40% of Portuguese parents admit to being inexperienced with regard to new …

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40% of Portuguese parents admit to being inexperienced with regard to new ...

It is true that over the last few decades, technology has been changing our lives: look at the example of Christmas. During the festive season, the technological gifts have become the most requested by kids or even the big ones. However, a recently published Kaspersky study reveals that many older parents and family members are not technically prepared to use received gadgets.

According to data provided by the security company, in Portugal, 40% of parents surveyed with children over 16 indicate that they are inexperienced in new technologies, and 9% admit that it takes more than a month to put a technological gift. working completely.

Faced with an increasingly technologically advanced world, older people often ask their children or younger relatives for help in solving the challenges they face. In all, 64% of those surveyed who belong to the millennial generation say they have helped someone older to solve a problem in this area. While most young people feel compelled to help, 25% of millennials surveyed admitted to avoiding certain members of their family because they thought they would "pester" them with technology issues.

The increasing level of online threats is also worrying the young. Kaspersky indicates that 69% of millennials fear, for example, that their parents or older family members will fall victim to online fraud. Most respondents in this age group fear that, without their advice, their parents may “fall into the clutches” of cybercriminals.

To avoid “technological frustrations” between parents and children, even after the holiday season, the security company has prepared a set of online guides with lots of advice. When visiting the Kaspersky homepage, older users can not only gain more knowledge but also enjoy their gadgets without relying on the younger ones.


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