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8 free apps for Android and iOS that will energize your smartphone or …

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8 free apps for Android and iOS that will energize your smartphone or ...

This week the usual tops of the year have started popping up, with the most viewed videos on YouTube, and the most downloaded apps from the App Store and Google Play. These are good suggestions for those who want to see trends, but not always the best choices.

As usual, this week the SAPO TEK team has devoted some of their time to choosing and trying out applications to bring you the best options, all free and with options for many different tastes. Go through the list below and choose the ones you want to install!

Don't get lost on your smartphone: keep track of time spent on every app.

The smartphone is always at hand, sometimes too much. YourHour wants to help you avoid these "temporal missteps" that can affect both personal and professional life.

Nowadays the mobile phone always walks with us, for good and for bad: while it is a precious means of contact, it also seems to be increasingly a source of distraction at times when this should not happen. Just think that there are times when you'll just peek at Instagram or Facebook for a second, and when you realize it, you've spent a considerable number of minutes.

And if there are those who consider that there is some "excessive" use of the device, whether in personal or professional life, apps are also emerging that help to control this untimely abuse of time. YourHour – Phone Adiction is one of them.

Like other apps of its kind, YourHour offers a host of features that allow you to monitor and control the time you move your smartphone.

In free mode, the application has blocking, challenges and daily reports, among other possibilities. Paying for the set of options increases to include, for example, weekly and monthly reports and their export to PDF, as well as a dark mode.

YourHour – Phone Adiction exists for Android devices and can be downloaded. from the Play Store.

Sleep Timer: iPhone users can now fall asleep with Spotify '

The feature has been available for Android devices since May, but only now has it reached Apple's ecosystem.

Since Monday, December 2, iOS users can fall asleep while listening to their Spotify playlists. Spotify Sleep Timer, which had been made available for Android last May, now works in the Apple ecosystem and brings useful functionality for those who don't like bedtime silence. With this new system, the app allows you to select a period of between five minutes and one hour to turn off by itself, thus preventing your sleep from being disturbed at dawn, with less appropriate music for the rocking.

To access "Sleep Timer", select a track or playlist, open the screen of the currently playing song, and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Then simply select "Sleep Timer" and choose one of the predefined periods or the "End of track" option and the app will shut up as soon as the song you are playing is finished.

The Swedish company guarantees that Sleep Timer will reach all iPhones equally.

If you don't have any playlists with songs to fall asleep, you can count on Spotify's own condensed suggestions in this 240-track playlist.

Venture into combat missions and test your survival skills with PUBG Mobile

The app reached 600 million downloads on Monday, bolstering the popularity of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-based game.

PUBG Mobile was launched in 2018 and in less than four months already had over 14 million users per day. And this Monday the application surprised again, reaching 600 million downloads.

Based on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the original Battle Royale for PC and Xbox One, the game tests users' survivability in missions where only one player can win.

Mission participants skydive on a remote island, locating and collecting their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and must defeat all players on a visually and tactically advanced battlefield that forces players to move around in a game zone. smaller and smaller. The fascination with the game is well known and since it came to smartphones continues to collect fans.

PUBG MOBILE is available for free download from App store and in Google Play.

Protect your wifi from unwanted intruders with the help of Fing

In addition to detecting devices that are trying to connect to your wifi or broadband network, the application also allows you to check the connection speed through its "Speed ​​Test".

If anyone tried to find out if strangers would be using your wifi or home broadband without your consent, but your attempts were unsuccessful, there is an application that can help you with your demand. Through Fing network scanner you can detect unwanted “intruders” and even keep them far away.

Once installed, you have automatic access to a list of all devices connected to your router, even allowing you to enable alerts when new devices access the network. By clicking on one of the devices recognized by the application, it is possible to know details such as IP, MAC address and even its make and model.

Fing also allows you to check your network connection speed through its "Speed ​​Test" functionality. In addition, the app even features a function dedicated to parents who want to help their children spend less time in front of their computer or smartphone screens.

The app is available for Android devices on Play Store and for iOS on App store. Although it is free to download, some features can come at an additional cost, around 0.99 and 2.99 euros.

Joker's best phrases straight from the movies to the smartphone

If some major movie associations have ignored it, the general public continues to applaud it. The film about Batman's eternal rival in American comics adds fans and the character's most iconic phrases are successful. This application brings together some.

It was ignored by one of the major film associations, but it has nonetheless made it into the American Film Institute's (AFI) list of the top 10 films of 2019. His Oscar nomination is anything but out of the question, and most of all, Joker has won what a movie pleases: the audience.

Todd Phillips's work, with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, recently became the first adult-rated movie to exceed $ 1 billion in revenue and brought to the fore the Batman universe character already portrayed in other productions and played by other actors.

Taking advantage of the buzz created around Joker, there are applications that take "Arthur Fleck" phrases of social tragedy and moral skepticism, making them quotes for their own enjoyment, favorite lists, slideshow mode or wallpaper, or for Share with friends. This is the case of Joker Quotes Wallpaper.

The application is free with integrated ads and is available from the Play Store, for Android devices.

Now you can “take” your Animoji and Memoji to Apple Clips

The emojis created in the messages will automatically appear in the video editing application and now it's discovery.

Since Apple introduced the Animoji and Memoji, more human-looking emojis have not "left" messages. But this Friday the apple company announced several new features, ensuring the integration of the "new emojis" into the video editing app it created in 2017, Apple Clips.

THE update available from today will allow users to add stickers, animated text, filters and other things to Memoji and Animoji, and the emoji created in the messages will automatically appear in the Apple app. But don't worry, you'll be able to change Animoji's characters in a video, even after you record it.

More stickers, more animation

In addition, the apple company has also ensured that it has enhanced the app's augmented reality functions so that emojis, animated stickers and objects like sunglasses can follow the user's face while moving.

In the new update, the Apple Clips app includes seven stickers from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, plus a short animation titled Let It Snow.

Apple Clips was created in 2017 and initially text, effects and emojis were some of the tricks that the app had up its sleeve. But now you may have one more reason to use the app.

Microsoft To Do: New Release Has Even More Features to Help You Be More Organized

The arrival of the update may appeal to former Wunderlist fans. New features include a dark mode and even a function that lets you "drag" text or files into the application.

Microsoft has updated its productivity application, and the arrival of new features might appeal to fans of its original version at a time when it was still called Wunderlist. Microsoft To Do now has not only a new interface, which even has a dark mode, but also some changes that can help you stay even more organized.

Anyone sharing the app with friends to plan activities can turn on notifications to know when someone adds or finishes a …


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