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Advertising fraud? Facebook sues company and two Chinese users

by ace
Advertising fraud? Facebook sues company and two Chinese users

There is one more scandal that is affecting Facebook. This time, the social network came in Thursday with a lawsuit in California against Chinese company ILikeAd Media International Company Ltd and two contributors Chen Xiao Cong and Huang Tao for allegedly violating social network advertising policies by deceiving users and installing malware available on the Internet.

The announcement was made by Jessica Romero, director of platform litigation, and Rob Leathern, director of product management in a post this Thursday, who speak of an action that fits "Facebook's continuing efforts to keep people safe and secure." combat abuse of the advertising platform. "

According to the perpetrators, the defendants "deceived users into installing malware available on the Internet," which allowed the accounts of people on the social network to be compromised and display ads with misleading advertising. "According to the social network , this "scheme" promoted items such as fake products and diet pills. "

In addition, the social network explains that, in certain cases, the accused used celebrity pictures in advertisements, in a tactic called "celeb bait". Other times, Facebook claims that they have resorted to a practice known as "camouflage", which deliberately masks the true fate of the ad link and displays a different version to social network users.

And according to the company, the fact that camouflage schemes are "sophisticated" and "well organized" makes it difficult to identify and hold the individuals behind the ads.


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