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Altice Portugal discards liability for delay in the release of the …

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Altice Portugal discards liability for delay in the release of the ...

Altice Portugal has imitated a statement rejecting "any attempt by the regulator to hold the breach of the calendar due to the huge warnings it has been giving over time". The company presented to ANACOM and the Government the respective clarification on the DTT network migration plan, to release the 700 MHz band that will be used for 5G.

The company claims that at the end of 2018 it presented its DTT network migration schedule, listing the “possible and operationally responsible” steps, with explanation to the regulator and made public in an attempt to be as transparent as possible, he explains. Altice points out that for more than a year, ANACOM has always had at its disposal all the information regarding the minimum period required for the necessary DTT network migration actions.

The telecommunications operator accuses ANACOM of “pure persecution” and will trigger the means at its disposal to defend itself, and considers that the regulator has shown a behavior of lack of neutrality.

In the statement, Altice also points out that it has the viable means to accept the anticipation of the start of work on the 700 MHz DTT network migration process on 7 February 2020, as requested by ANACOM. On the other hand, it states that it will maintain its timetable regarding the end of migration, stating that there are risks associated with a possible shortening of the deadline. This is one of the points of contention that Altice accuses the regulator of ignoring its warnings about the risk of possible weather conditions affecting the rollout.

The company justifies and reiterates that the migration process requires the "rigorous coordination of numerous activities" including logistics, radiant system installations, access control and management, filter installation, transmitter resynchronization, operations coordination and control. network, and other actions critical to the project.

Notwithstanding its position, Altice states that the migration plan may be revised and updated as circumstances permit. The main problems pointed out by the company are due to the timely authorization for access to third party facilities and other weather constraints. In this regard, it promises that at the end of February, following the experience gained in the first weeks of work, it will re-evaluate the plan and consider a review for a potential shortening of the end of migration.


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