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Apple can remove all iPhone connection ports

by ace
Apple can remove all iPhone connection ports

The information was advanced by TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and points to the production of a "single-block" iPhone without any external gateway. This should only happen on the most expensive model of the brand, but it points out a difference that other manufacturers may follow.

When Apple removed the heaphone gateway on the iPhone 7 in 2016, it already positioned itself as a vision of a future without cables or wires. And the truth is that although much criticized at the time, the decision to remove the 3.5mm jack marked a trend that other manufacturers followed in high-end smartphones, and opened a new market for bluetooth headphones, which are currently one of most desirable gadgets.

Ming-Chi Kuo now advances that by 2021 Apple's most expensive iPhone, which will probably be called iPhone 13, will have a completely wireless experience, without the Lightning gateway that is used for data charging and transmission, and has been around since 2012

Wireless charging will be the option, using technology that is already available on many high-end and mid-range smartphones, and which Apple has integrated into its iPhone from version 8.

Just this week another rumor was about the launch of four new iPhone in 2020, in new sizes, and all with 5G, in line with a forecast that Ming-Chi Kuo had advanced in June this year.

This year Apple has released a "normal" model, the Apple 11, but also a Pro version, following the industry trend. It's the Apple 11 Pro, a smartphone that competes with the heavyweight and top models of Samsung and Huawei.

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