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Black Friday triggers ATM transactions

by ace
Black Friday triggers ATM transactions

Friday's Black Friday promised an unbridled race to stores, physical or online, with promises of broken records, either in the number of orders delivered, as in the amount that the Portuguese would spend (but also save). And SIBS confirms the adhesion to the big buying movement, saying that a great peak is happening in the Multibanco network.

According to the entity, this Friday 285 transactions per second are being processed so far. And the day is still in the middle, says SIBS.

Note that due to possible scams that may happen today, the GNR is aware of possible occurrences and complaints of the population. Captain Carlos Canatário explains that "just as we do real-world surveillance, we do exactly the same in digital space," in this case through OSINT. And on Black Friday this attitude proves to be even more important, as "the number of transactions increases, so the risks also increase."

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