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"Break bricks" with your head to exercise your neck

by ace
"Break bricks" with your head to exercise your neck

Do you feel tense in the office and need to exercise your mind a little or your neck a little? Then the Headbanger website proposes something totally different. The idea is to participate in a wall shooting game, similar to the classic Arkanoid, in which the objective is to destroy all the bricks on the wall. It controls a sliding platform to the sides, bouncing a bouncing ball, destroying the walls.

But in Headbanger there's a Twist: you'll have to do it using your head to control the platform, to the sound of heavy metal breaking the bricks. The system uses the computer's camera to detect movements, so you must give it permission. And in this case, fires fireballs from the mouth and with a headbang motion to directly break bricks.

Although not very accurate, there is an artificial intelligence system in detecting the player's movements and turning them into platform control. And it's still fun, and like any good headbang of a metal concert, you can exercise your neck as long as you don't hit your head with anything. In all there are 13 levels available, with score registration. But try not to do with the office full, colleagues may find the exercises strange, especially when you open your mouth to shoot the ball …


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