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ByteDance and TikTok may have built an "unheard of" feature through …

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ByteDance and TikTok may have built an "unheard of" feature through ...

The company that officially bought the famous TikTok app in 2018 has developed a technology that lets you insert someone else's face into one of your videos. But, according to tech crunch and after an alert from an Israeli startup, ByteDance will have developed an "unseen" and "invisible" feature using Deepfakes technology. The discovery was reportedly detected in the app code by an Israeli startup, Watchful.ai, where it refers to the technology as face swapping.

Both the TikTok code and similar Chinese application, as well as ByteDance's Douyin code, ask users to scan biometrics from various angles of their face, and then choose a selection of videos to which they want to add and share the video. his face.

If effectively launched on TikTok and Douyin, the site says that you can create a "more controlled environment" where face-swapping technology and a limited selection of videos can be used for fun rather than misinformation. . Another possible consequence is increased awareness of technology, so that more people know they should not believe everything they see online. However, it could also raise fear about what the company might do with its biometric data.

Deepfakes allow you to manipulate a video to the point where you can get anyone to say things or do any kind of activity, making it hard to detect.

TikTok and Douyin deny technology integration in apps

However, when contacted by the site, TikTok ensured that this technology “is not an in-app function” and the company has no intention of launching it. An application spokesman later stated that inactive code snippets are being removed so as not to cause any confusion, which implicitly confirms that the code was found in the TikTok app.

A Douyin spokesman told TechCrunch that the app “is governed by the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which it operates, China.” The company denied that the face swap terms of service came up on TikTok, although TechCrunch ensure you have reviewed the app code, showing these terms of service and feature functionality.

It is recalled that since late 2019 TikTok has been heavily criticized by the United States, which has ensured that the application can be a threat to the country's security as it can be manipulated by the Chinese government. Following a request to investigate the app by two US senators, several events took place.

From an accusation by a young American woman of allegedly unlawfully secretly collecting her personal information and transferring it to servers in China to a US Army investigation opening, 2019 was marked by a special American "attack" on the application that lets you create short, animated videos.


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