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Can an AI be able to generate virtual adventures? You can find out in AI …

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Can an AI be able to generate virtual adventures? You can find out in AI ...

It is true that we will still have to wait a few years before the appearance of video games fully generated by Artificial Intelligence. However, AI Dungeon 2 It is already a step in that direction. In the game, the user embarks on a text-based adventure, which is generated by an AI. Although their appearance may seem a bit "primitive", the possibilities are almost endless: it could be either an ogre in a band of mystical creatures touring a tin kingdom, like a king in a distant nation or even a human being in our world. The limit is the imagination of the player.

The project created by Nick Walton, a software engineer, goes, as its title indicates, in its second version. Behind the game is an open source text authoring system. developed by OpenAI. As Walton indicates, on a page dedicated to your project, AI was "forced" to learn a range of texts from the Choose Your Own Adventure website so that it could have a sufficiently comprehensive base of possible scenarios and situations.

In AI Dungeon 2, the user can choose their preferred universe type from a list of five possibilities, which include options that are more targeted to fantasy or mystery fans, as well as one for those who prefer more apocalyptic environments. Even before you start playing you will also have to choose a character and give it a name. The decisions made by the player will make the AI ​​present a certain context.

To progress on his adventure, the player will have to interact with the AI ​​through a set of specific "orders", which are presented early in the game. For example, if you want your character to say anything, you have to type "Say" followed by what you mean in quotation marks. If memory fails while playing and you no longer remember the commands, you can always ask for help by typing "Help".

According to its creator, the AI ​​Dungeon project is under constant development and may therefore have some flaws. However, Nick Walton says this is still a "remarkable demonstration" of AI's storytelling capabilities as well as a "considerable advance" in technology. If, by chance, when you try to play, you come across a flaw that prevents you from advancing, you can take the opportunity to gain inspiration by reading some of other players' creations.by exploring them on Twitter or even in the very page in the project.


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