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CES 2020: CTA wants CES to grow but not become “uncomfortable” for …

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CES 2020: CTA wants CES to grow but not become “uncomfortable” for ...

The numbers are not final yet, but CES 2020 has been the largest and most international so far, with over 4,500 exhibitors and over 160 countries. Is there a limit to growth and integrated areas? In response to SAPO TEK, Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Trade Association (CTA) admitted that he wants the mission of the leading organization to grow technology, and that ultimately all companies are technology companies, so this The year welcomed the presence of Delta and John Deere or Impossible Foods, which are not pure technology.

Even so, there are limits and space and Las Vegas' own capacity to accommodate more visitors, and CTA takes that into account. "We don't want hotel rooms and flights to become too expensive," said the CEO of the association that organizes CES. The fair is “full” and there are orders to grow Eureka Park, so CTA expects a new building being built to be ready in time for CES 2021.

One in 3 people who visit CES comes from outside the United States and there is also a growing presence of startups, with strong movements from France, which brought 207 startups, but also from Taiwan, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Asked about the impact that the economic blockade on China is having on CES, Gary Shapiro admits that this year has had a reduction in the number of exhibitors (but not in the space they occupied) and visitors, but points out that this is also due to less favorable economic climate in China.

“We think this can be solved with a new agreement (between the US and China) that anticipates for the coming weeks and reminds us that the sector benefits from stability and predictability, as well as the world, and that this is reflected in growth. economic.

On the other hand, countries like Japan and Korea have strengthened their presence this year.

Concern for sustainability is also part of the CTA principles and the practices adopted make the fair recognized as the “greenest”, and there are a set of recommendations after exhibitors, and rules on materials recycling, which are being be applied.

Growing areas and the sex toys

The number of sectors represented at CES continues to grow and the fair increasingly encompasses areas ranging from automobiles to appliances, TVs, smartphones, sound, robotics, AI, smartcities and healthcare. This was one of the fastest growing areas, with a 25% increase.

Within the category are sexual products. Last year was the controversial withdrawal of the award to Lora DiCarlo who had received an innovation award, and now Gary Shapiro makes a mea culpa and assumes that was a mistake. “It was a mistake to remove the prize and we recognize that,” he said at a meeting with journalists, but said it made CTA look at this category more closely.

This year the organization has opened doors to companies with sex products and will now take stock of the “experience” to determine if it retains the category next year. “We have some rules, we ban pornography and guns, we have rules for what exhibitors can wear and what images they can show, and drawing boundaries is always difficult,” he says, but ensures CTA has every interest and respect in mind. by visitors and exhibitors, and at such an international event with more than 160 countries, consistency must be maintained to embrace the full diversity of cultures.

And will fairs continue to be events in an increasingly digital future? “We need this experience to see things, connect people, meet people we never know and promote innovation,” he says.

SAPO TEK is at CES 2020 in Las Vegas to find out the top trends and the most interesting but also the weirdest gadgets and you can follow here all the news we are bringing live from Las Vegas.


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