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CES 2020: Even with PlayStation 5 on the horizon, Sony sold 106 million PS4

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CES 2020: Even with PlayStation 5 on the horizon, Sony sold 106 million PS4

Sony chose to make a relatively brief presentation at CES 2020, however, in just 30 minutes it not only confirmed the new PlayStation 5 logo, as well as some of its features, but also brought the world some updated data. about PS4 sales and service.

Even before making the "big" revelation about the new PS5, the Japanese maker decided to take a kind of trip back to remember the milestones reached by its predecessor. In all, as of December 31, 2019, PlayStation 4 global sales reached 106 million units, with 1.15 billion copies of video games sold to the console.

Credits: Sony

Regarding the number of monthly active PlayStation Network users, Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said that in December 2019 it exceeded 103 million. The PlayStation Plus service has 38.8 million subscribers. The PlayStation VR also reached a new milestone in 2019, reaching 5 million units sold.

Expectation for the PlayStation 5 logo was high, but Jim Ryan's revelation was not surprising at all. Sony has decided to follow the approach taken in its other consoles, keeping the same design and style of letter. While not piquing the curiosity of fans who were waiting to see the look of PS5, the official confirmed some of its features.

New PlayStation 5 Hardware Features Credits: Sony

By 2019, Sony had already made some revelations about the features of its new console, including the use of an SSD disc instead of an HDD for higher data write and read speeds, 4K graphics at an image refresh rate of 120Hz plus a PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility system. In October of that year, the Japanese manufacturer revealed that the console has a scheduled arrival date of late 2020.

In addition to 3D audio and Blu-Ray Ultra HD, the arrival of a new controller with haptic features and pressure-sensitive triggers is also expected to replace the current rumble system, present in the different controls since the fifth generation of consoles. . Adaptive triggers, built into the L2 / R2 triggers, can enable videogame producers to program their endurance so that players can feel the tactile sensation of pulling a bow and arrow, or accelerate an all-round vehicle. ground on uneven ground.

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