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CES 2020: Google goes to its assistant reading pages online and answering …

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CES 2020: Google goes to its assistant reading pages online and answering ...

At the 2020 CES issue, Google chose to introduce the world to the latest news from its smart personal assistant. Google Assistant will come with updates that promise to give users more privacy and security, as well as new options for those who want to make their lives more practical.

Featured is a feature that could make Google Assistant read content on webpages. Targeting Android devices, the feature takes advantage of a new database of more expressive voices with a less “robotic” sound. According to the company, you just have to say "Hey, Google, read this page" to hear it read. The upcoming option could translate content into 42 different languages, and the company is already evolving it to allow automatic scrolling.

The topic of privacy was also under the table at Google's presentation, especially after a 2019 marked by various mishaps. The company says users will be able to control what the assistant may or may not hear. In addition to being able to delete chat logs by saying, for example, “Hey, Google, delete everything I said to you this week,” you will be able to direct the assistant to “forget” something you have unintentionally heard. Soon users will even be able to answer their privacy questions with Google Assistant.

The smart assistant will also come with an option that will allow you to schedule certain functions on more than 20 devices in the IoT ecosystem. Through Scheduled Actions, users can ask Google Assistant to, for example, turn on the coffee machine in the morning or activate the self-contained vacuum cleaner at a certain time.

If you often leave notes scattered around the house so you don't forget to dump or feed your pets, the latest update for Smart Displays from Google may be an ally of your memory. Users can now leave virtual post-its through Google Assistant, and they won't need to log in to create or read them, which the company says is particularly useful for families.

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