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CES 2020: Intel Veils Its First "DG1" GPU-Based Graphics Card

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CES 2020: Intel Veils Its First "DG1" GPU-Based Graphics Card

During CES, Intel revealed news of its technological catalog, namely in the area of ​​mobile computing. The company first unveiled processors codenamed “Tiger Lake” and released information on the progress of the new Intel Xe graphics architecture, which aims to deliver “huge performance gains on new processors,” the company said. At the event, Intel also released a preview of the first dedicated GPU-based Xe graphics card codenamed “DG1”.

According to company statement, the 10 nm Tiger Lake processor, due to be released later this year, offers double-digit performance gains, improved artificial intelligence (AI) and graphics processing, thanks to the integration of new graphics architectures.

According to The engadget, Not much GPU detail has been advanced, but Intel has ensured, for example, that users will be able to play HD games without any problems.

In addition, Intel showed the graphics card's ability to enhance an old, low-resolution image by using an acceleration processor through AI. The Horseshoe Bend folding laptop, also featured at the event, already integrates the Tiger Lake processor and GPU Xe platform.

Horseshoe Bend Folding Tablet Credits: Intel Corporation

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