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CES 2020: LG promises (again) roll-up TV for sale this year. And it will cost …

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CES 2020: LG promises (again) roll-up TV for sale this year. And it will cost ...

The rumors were not confirmed and, contrary to what had been advanced, LG did not show at the conference any television set from the ceiling in a reversal of the OLED TV R that was announced last year at CES, but that does not to say that it does not exist, and that it is not demonstrating tomorrow at the brand stand.

For the press conference at the CES 2020 Media Days LG brought no news about the curling model that delighted everyone in 2019. There are no new models nor an "updated version", just a processor upgrade to the alpha 9, and again promises a date of commercialization later this year in the US. The price is not official but the value that is being advanced that will be above 60 thousand euros.

Among the many ads related to smart home, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and washing machines, in the TV segment, OLED remains the main highlight, an area where LG claims to be a leader. By 2020 it will have 14 new OLED models, with three new GX Gallery Series Ultra 4K HD TVs, 88-inch and 77-inch "real" models and a new 48-inch OLED.

The bet also continues on the NanoCell, with the "true 8K" that LG guarantees to exceed basic requirements. For higher image quality the brand has also adhered to Film Maker Mode, which is "sponsored" by various filmmakers, aiming to provide the right experience in presenting movie images, not a distorted image by applying filters.

Among the bets is also a new smart interface that will be applied this year on the new TV lines, but only in some markets, which will allow users to access more information about the TV picture, identifying authors or scenarios as well. as players in a sports match.

The growing interest in gaming TVs also means LG is strengthening its offer in this area. According to the company, this is one of the most researched topics in the search for a new TV, so it wants to ensure a good gaming experience across the equipment line, in partnership with Nvidia.

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