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CES 2020: Remember the Star Wars BB-8? Samsung has a smaller version …

by ace
CES 2020: Remember the Star Wars BB-8? Samsung has a smaller version ...

Many of the products that Samsung had to announce at CES 2020 had already been unveiled, but the company brought to the opening conference of the Las Vegas fair some news, including a small robot that looks like a yellow tennis ball but is designed to be a personal assistant and perform various household tasks.

It's called Ballie and bears some resemblance to the Star Wars robot BB-8, but also to the Rolling Bot that LG unveiled at the MWC in 2016 that was never successful.

HS Kim, CEO of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics presented the company's vision in the “Age of Experience” and regretted that we are still a long way from the future where flying cars and robots were part of everyday life. all by 2020. But Samsung wants to use technology to help transform cities, as well as home space, by adapting the environment to their needs.

This is where Ballie comes in, the little robot that can manage housework by opening curtains, turning on the TV or vacuum cleaner, and even playing with pets, as shown in the video.

The idea is for the robot to know their habits and routines and take care of the household duties. The price of the robot and the date of commercial availability were not disclosed, but Samsung also spoke of security and made sure that it is making every effort to protect information and data privacy.

In health care artificial intelligence can also be used for rehabilitation and exercise, as demonstrated on stage with an update of the Gait Enhancing and Motivating System (GEMS) that Samsung had already shown last year and which is integrated into an experiment of augmented reality fitness.

A vital assistant keeps track of exercises and the information that is conveyed about movement and intensity makes it easier to correct posture and work done, all in a personalized and more private way without having to leave home.

In the vision of the future that Samsung shared at the conference there was also room for the transformation of the house, with the home appliances component as well as the walls that can be used as interactivity spaces through MicroLED screens to display information but also to connect users to the home. family and friends in interaction spaces.

SAPO TEK is at CES 2020 in Las Vegas to find out the top trends and the most interesting but also the weirdest gadgets and you can follow here all the news we are bringing live from Las Vegas.


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