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CES 2020: Samsung Announces New Galaxy Home Mini

by ace
CES 2020: Samsung Announces New Galaxy Home Mini

18 months after announcing its first smart speaker, Samsung unveils the second without ever launching the first. The Galaxy Home Mini is a compact version of the first model unveiled by the brand and Hyunsuk Kim, CEO of the consumer electronics division, told Bloomberg that the device will hit the market during the early months of 2020.

If the release is not delayed, this will be the first time consumers will be able to purchase a smart speaker from Samsung. It is recalled that the first version was announced at the Galaxy Note 9 debut event in 2018, but the company never confirmed much detail about the device. Note that in the same interview that confirmed the release of the Mini model, Hyunsuk Kim commented that it has not yet been decided whether the base version will actually hit stores.

The official also confirmed that Bixby has been adjusted. Now, instead of being able to keep conversations flowing with users, as promised by the company in 2018, Samsung's virtual assistant is optimized to interact with other branded handsets. In practice, it will be possible to ask Bixby to start washing the dishes at a certain time, to start drying the laundry and so on.

Samsung has an event scheduled for February 11, where it will unveil new smartphones. More details about this Galaxy Home Mini are expected to be revealed at this time.


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