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CES 2020: The next unicorns in the tech world could be in Eureka …

by ace
CES 2020: The next unicorns in the tech world could be in Eureka ...

Eureka Park is located at the Sands Expo and is a separate area of ​​CES 2020. Just enter this space to realize that the environment here is more frenetic, very different from the exhibition spaces of the largest companies but even startups that are in the area. other levels of this congress center that is glued to the Venetian hotel.

More than 1,200 startups are present this year, in small stands that are "artful" with technology and also elements that can be differentiating and flashy, and all serves to attract visitors, investors and journalists, from hats to music, to cuddly toys and other "animations".

Who doubts that Las Vegas is where companies come to do business has not yet been in line for one of the free buses that transports between the various areas of CES, or simply sitting in one of the corridors. The conversations come naturally, with a lot of people interested in sharing stories, and we have already seen several matchmakers, who ended up exchanging cards and contacts with meeting dates.

But in the stands this movement is even more intense. There are investors looking for startups with technologies to invest in, and companies looking for acquisitions and mergers, or simply hiring the brains that develop the technology.

According to CTA figures, more than $ 1.2 billion in investment has been raised since 2010, and many of the companies have moved from these small stands to other larger exhibition areas.

Among the 1,200 startups that this year are present there are individual registrations of companies that are in stands organized by the area of ​​expertise, but also many collective presences, promoted by countries.

In total CTA confirms that 50 countries are present in Eureka Park, but some have more “weight”, such as France, Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Japan, which brought dozens of startups to the fair that are together under the same. “sponsored” space. There are also 14 universities present, including the University of Notre Dame and the University of Columbia.

The Shark Tank TV show has a special edition at CES and is looking for the best entrepreneurs here, and there is already a success story from previous castings where Benjilock was even able to go to the show and secure support and investment from Kevin O'Leary.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, it is not the size of the stand that matters but the consistency of the idea. And also the ability to attract investors and journalists, a job that begins long before the fair opens with contacts and information sharing.

SAPO TEK is at CES 2020 in Las Vegas to find out the top trends and the most interesting but also the weirdest gadgets and you can follow here all the news we are bringing live from Las Vegas.


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