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CES 2020: This arcade machine is connected online and is designed for …

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CES 2020: This arcade machine is connected online and is designed for ...

Many are the nostalgic and collector who retrieve old arcade machines from the game halls, but there is a whole culture and community that creates DIY replicas using emulators to get those experiences. At CES 2020, SAPO TEK found AtGames that wants to offer a legitimate experience through a booth very similar to the original with 350 official and licensed titles. These include Tetris, Asteroids, Alladin, Joe & Mac, Tron, Millipede, a huge list of classics from Atari, Data East, Disney and other publishers, with console and arcade versions.

The company notes that the Legends Ultimate machine was built with robust materials, including two arcade joysticks, as well as two spinners, a trackball and two pairs of six action buttons for two players to share the fun. And even if it has a high definition monitor as well as stereo speakers, the original audiovisual elements remain unchanged.

But you must be asking what is the difference for other solutions? The company wants to stand out by creating an internet-connected machine, not only to update games, create online leaderboard rankings, but also to play online with friends. Yes, because the company says the machine still offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connections, as well as two front-accessible HDMI and USB inputs for players to plug in additional controllers to play Fortnite directly from the machine…

Games are accessed through a monthly subscription service, ArcadeNet, which lets you play new titles that are being added to the platform. Competing against other players for a place in the leaderboards and as mentioned, playing the supported games competitively are some of its features.

On the other hand, the machine offers the BYOG – Bring Your Own Game system, meaning players can play games from their Steam, Origin, Epic Store, GOG and other digital platforms for free in the arcade booth for free. enjoying the machine's control panel. This service has an alternative, hourly version, of access to the game library via streaming from the same platforms. Even users' personal games can be tried on the machine via a USB stick.

According to Jonathan Siemans, the company's representative, in the presentation to SAPO TEK said that the machine's firmware has been updated weekly, with new features. The latter allowed to connect Raspberry Pi devices, for example. As for plans for the launch of Europe, the company plans to bring Legends Ultimate in the second quarter of the year, with the main challenge being to build the datacenter to support the subscription service and online connections. The price of the machine or services was not advanced.

SAPO TEK is at CES 2020 in Las Vegas to find out the top trends and the most interesting but also the weirdest gadgets and you can follow here all the news we are bringing live from Las Vegas.


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