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Check Point Research identifies “multiple vulnerabilities” in TikTok that …

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Check Point Research identifies “multiple vulnerabilities” in TikTok that ...

Following increasing American scrutiny of TikTok, the app now faces yet another criticism. This time, cybersecurity solutions expert Check Point Research claims to have detected "multiple vulnerabilities" that make it possible, for example, to delete videos from accounts and reveal personal information such as email addresses. However, the app has already solved the problem.

The company's investigation was explained in a This Wednesday's publication signed by five investigators, where they make known in detail the detected vulnerabilities. After several months of research the findings can be daunting.

According to the company, the vulnerabilities allow hackers to take control of the application and manipulate content. Deleting or uploading videos without permission from users and making videos private are the dangerous actions hackers can take. On the other hand, personal information that is stored in accounts, such as email addresses, may also be revealed.

This is all possible as sending messages to app users and making them appear to have been sent by TikTok is a reality. Once the link sent in the message is opened the hacker can then exploit the various vulnerabilities.

In the meantime, the company contacted TikTok to inform him about the detected vulnerabilities. According to Check Point Research, the issue has been resolved by the app, which has developed a solution "to ensure users can continue to use the app safely".

2019: A Year of TikTok-US Conflict

The application that allows the creation of short sound-editing videos and music clips of all kinds, allowing sharing with other users, was purchased by the Chinese company ByteDance in November 2017, but the merger only took place in 2018. In 2019 they started criticism of the platform is emerging from the US.

The famous Tik Tok application was considered "a possible security risk to the country" in a letter sent in October by Senators Chuck Schumer and Tom Cotton to Joseph Macguire, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, which even led to a request for investigation by the Center. Counterterrorism Act that same month.

At the time, Vanessa Pappas, general manager of TikTok in the United States guaranteed, in press release, that all US user data is stored in data centers outside of China, which is not subject to Chinese law. In addition, the company said it had "a dedicated technical team focused on implementing robust cybersecurity policies and data privacy and security practices."


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