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Chronologies of Contemporary Portugal tells the story from 1960 to 2018

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Chronologies of Contemporary Portugal tells the story from 1960 to 2018

O Project Chronologies, materialized on an interactive website, is the most complete online record of this period of history in Portugal, seeking to identify the relevant dates and facts of the last decades. Beginning in 1960, and extending to 2018, the historical entries on the site are organized by time, but also by themes and protagonists, which facilitates a search for any specific topic.

Information can be navigated through an interactive timeline, or you can search for "History in My Life," starting with the date of birth and looking at the chronological sequence of key events.

There is also an organization by geographical space, with connection to the main cities, and a story area, where the most diverse topics are relevant to have encyclopedic entries, from Pac-man to the opening of Cyberbica in Lisbon.

The work of the team of Paulo Silveira and Sousa, Antonio J. Ramalho and Octavio Gameiro results in a consultative work accessible to all citizens who want to know the facts that marked the last decades, but some entries are too synthetic and needed more framing and detail.

Note that initially the project ended in 2015 but more than a thousand entries were added by the end of 2018, already under the coordination of Octávio Gameiro.

To complement the text, the link to RTP's historical archive, with audio and video, brings an added richness to the site and makes us easily get lost in the memory of very relevant moments of our history.

As we start a new year, it is worth looking at the history of the last decades and understanding what made us get here, and the way events are interconnected, so we suggest a close visit to the Chronologies site and the latest ones. of eight thousand registered entries on this site which becomes useful for all ages.


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