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Colt Portugal closes 2019 with double digit growth and 830 km of fiber …

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Colt Portugal closes 2019 with double digit growth and 830 km of fiber ...

Specialist in providing fiber optic networks and high-speed communication services to the business sector, Colt is completing digital and expanding projects for its worldwide network, having invested a billion euros globally since 2017. Present in Portugal since 2001, the company also showed strong growth, securing 2.5 million euros to invest in its infrastructure during the same period, with the aim of optimizing the network to support the new 5G technologies and their communications. According to Carlos Jesus, Country Manager Portugal, the investment in the country endows its network with capacity for the next 10 years.

And this investment has had almost immediate repercussions, leading the company to grow in Portugal 15% since 2017, (5% in 2018 and 10% in 2019), although it is not its policy to reveal concrete values. The company already has 830 kilometers of optical fiber connecting 12 data centers and 777 buildings of major companies in the cities of Lisbon, Oeiras and Porto, as well as circular cities in the metropolitan networks, namely Vila Nova de Gaia, Maia and Sintra. “Where there is business, Colt arrives with fiber,” says Carlos Jesus.

In comparative terms worldwide, the company has 27,000 buildings linked to using its fiber network. And the Iberian network, which connects Portugal to its international network, has 1,700 km of fiber, making it suitable for companies located on the African and American continents who wish to transport their content to new markets. As explained by the leader of the Portuguese representation, the speed and quality of the terrestrial network persuade customers to opt for it, over the cheaper maritime cables. That is, a company in Africa uses the sea until it reaches Portugal, preferring to penetrate the Iberian Peninsula to Europe, instead of continuing by sea. The reliability and redundancy of the terrestrial network and the length of time it takes for repairs to the sea cable, which can freeze the network for weeks, are also decisive factors.

According to Carlos Jesus, Country Manager Portugal, the investment of 2.5 million euros in the country strengthens its network for 5G and with capacity for the next 10 years.

This does not mean that the company does not invest in the "sea". Submarine cables are strategic for the company to bridge other continents, and even revealed that during 2020, it will strengthen and expand this link to connect Europe to Africa and Brazil via Portugal.

In Portugal the company already has more than 80 employees, supporting six languages ​​(including Spanish, German, French, Italian and English) and is still open to hiring specialists for your needs. “Sometimes we notice that employees are being hired directly by the mother house to areas that we do not operate and we are intrigued, but then we find that Portugal is already so attractive that new services are being allocated here,” says Carlos Jesus.

Although not a company that provides services to the end customer, it is noted that thanks to its partnerships with the seven major cloud providers, those who need their services have to go through Colt. An example of this is the provision of the SD-Wan service, which enables their customers to simultaneously use different clouds such as Azure and AWS on their platform while maintaining communication between them.

Another service that stands out is the access to its clients to set up a full-featured cloud network internationally without any technical intervention by Colt, basically “turnkey”. The international client capacity of your network is 53 x100 Gbps. And Carlos Jesus adds that during the last year Colt Portugal has been receiving more responsibilities, including services in SDN / NFV architecture, among other field services mainly for Germany and France, from Portugal. And with that the respective human resources for the Portuguese branch.

Carlos Jesus says that for 2020 Colt will continue its growth strategy, continue to invest to strengthen and expand both urban centers and submarine cables. And as a consequence increase the team. Growth forecasts? “Keeping the two digits” is Colt Portugal's ambition.


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