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COP25: In a year of "bad" records for planet Earth "the war against …

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COP25: In a year of "bad" records for planet Earth "the war against ...

In a year especially "hot" for the planet, climate change is at the heart of the discussion at the United Nations conference set up to discuss this issue, the COP25. Even before the meeting, which kicked off Monday and ends on December 13, Antonio Guterres left a warning: "the war on nature must stop".

At a press conference on Sunday, the UN Secretary-General said that "climate change is no longer a long-term problem" and that the world is facing a "global climate crisis". However, if appropriate action is taken, the watchword will indeed be "hope".

Thus, considering that the brake on the war against nature is "perfectly possible", António Guterres speaks of a political will that is still lacking, after actors such as companies and citizens have already demonstrated change. Putting carbon taxes, ending fossil fuel subsidies and building coal plants from 2020 and changing carbon pollution taxes are some measures mentioned by the Portuguese Secretary-General, who underlines the importance of policy in this regard. current overview.

Antonio Costa, who has already spoken at the conference, spoke of a double duty on the part of everyone: “to listen to scientists and to act” at a time when “time is short” and the “threat to humanity itself” is evident.

In accordance with the UN Secretary-General's speech, the Prime Minister assured that by 2021 the two coal plants in Portugal will be closed and recalled that Lisbon will be in 2020 the European Capital Verdeu, an award granted by the European Commission.

Portugal should reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and the goal is that by 2030 80% of electricity will come from renewable sources

New bad omen records for planet Earth

According to one report published at the end of November by the World Meteorological Organization, WMO, greenhouse gas levels rose and reached a new record of 407.8 parts per million in 2018. In the previous year the WMO recorded a carbon dioxide concentration of 405.5 parts per million. .

In a press release cited by UN News, the agency says that this trend is increasing over the years, in a document that guarantees that "future generations can face the increasingly severe consequences of climate change".


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