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Cybersecurity in European companies: Portugal is one of the least attacked countries …

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Cybersecurity in European companies: Portugal is one of the least attacked countries ...

About 8% of Portuguese companies were faced with cyber security issues such as computer service failures, corruption or improper access to data in 2018. Data are from a report from Eurostat, published Monday, which results from a survey of 160,000 European companies with 10 or more employees. Another positive sign is that Portugal is the country where most companies are betting on at least one prevention measure. But when it comes to training employees on cybersecurity, national companies are below the European level.

Covering companies with employees from different areas, such as production, information, communication and real estate, the cybersecurity report on the security measures adopted by them does not clarify how many companies were heard in Portugal. Still, the data indicate that 98% of domestic companies use at least one cybersecurity measure, higher than in Spain and France, which had percentages of around 92% and 94%, respectively. The European average was 93%.

However, when it comes to having documents on cybersecurity measures, practices and procedures, Portugal's position is not as favorable, with only 28% of companies falling into this category. Denmark is the country with the highest percentage, 56%.

The same goes for training employees on cybersecurity standards. 54% of domestic companies admit to doing so, contrasting with cases such as Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom, which are around 70%. Still, the European average is 62%.

When it comes to experiencing cyber security issues in 2018, Portugal only lags behind the UK in a fierce "fight" between 6% and 8%. And when it comes to solving these problems only 10% of national companies will be entitled to insurance aid, which is very small compared to the Danish (56%) and the UK (46%) case.

The news comes the same day that a Kaspersky investigation reveals that Portugal was the third country most affected by RevengeHotels malware. The malicious campaign aimed to steal credit card data stored in hotel and travel agency reservation systems and, according to security company experts, the largest number of attacks were reported in Brazil, surpassing more than 1,000 victims, followed by the United States with about 60 cases identified.


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