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Devolo has two new products that promise "magic" on the Internet connection from …

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Devolo has two new products that promise "magic" on the Internet connection from ...

The quality of the Internet connection at home is increasingly important to users, and Wi-Fi router installation solutions are not always sufficient, especially in larger or longer-sized homes with larger walls. thick. It is in these cases that Devolo argues that additional "help" makes sense, with a solution that leverages poweline technology and Mesh Wi-Fi, as Marcel Schuell, the company's director of marketing for Europe, explains.

"Internet speed is increasing and by 2022 the average will be 75.4 Mbps, but traffic will be 150 Gbp per second," explains Marcel Schuell. Video streaming is the main driver of this evolution, but gaming is taking on greater weight, and it is estimated that with the launch of new services such as Google Stadia, it will grow in a mix of user needs.

Devolo already develops solutions for smart grids through Powerline and Wi-Fi communication and has a wide product range that reached the Portuguese market in 2011, but with the evolution of technology also the company invests in the renewal of its adapters and has two new ones. Devolo Magic packs that are now available for ordering online and can be found in stores from January 2020.

Second generation G.hn technology is a common feature on all models and allows for increased performance with transfer rates up to 1200 Mbps over the power grid. Marcel Schuell says that this is a technology where Devolo goes ahead of the competition and that is one of the reasons that underpin the quality of its products.

More internet at home with WiFi or LAN?

The most popular solutions in Portuguese stores are wireless and after Magic 1 and Magic 2 Devolo now has a more compact and cheaper offer, the Magic 1 WiFi mini which is available in single mode for 69.90 euros, but also starter kit and multiroom kit for more complete options. In these cases the prices rise to 90.90 euros and 159.90 euros, adding the number of adapters included in the package.

The adapter can easily be added to any already running Magic network, but can also be used in isolation, turning any electrical outlet into a hotspot. The solution allows for a Wi-Fi mesh environment, while G.hn technology ensures transfer rates up to 1200 Mbps over the power grid.

Another option is the new Magic 2 triple LAN which allows you to install three Gigabit LAN ports wherever there is an electrical outlet. Here the speed can be extended up to 2400 Mbps which is an ideal solution for video streaming and online gaming that is not limited by Wi-Fi without the need for a switch.

As in previous versions, the Devolo Magic 2 LAN triple insulated adapter can be purchased for € 79.90, or the complete solution with the Devolo Magic 2 LAN triple Starter Kit to set up a new Magic network. This kit has one Devolo Magic 2 LAN triple and one devolo Magic 2 LAN adapter and costs 139.90 euros.


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