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Facebook updates privacy tool to give user more …

by ace
Facebook updates privacy tool to give user more ...

O Facebook has updated one of its privacy tools, the "privacy check" that is being launched today worldwide. The goal now is to give you more control over your account.

Simply search the platform for "privacy verification" on the platform to gain access to new features, providing four distinct tools. "Who can see what you share" guides you through settings so you can indicate who can see your posts and the information you have on your profile.

At "How to keep your account secure" users can now have quick ways to change their password and enable login alerts. In another section you can choose who sends you friend requests and who is looking for you on the social network by their mobile number or email address.

The fourth and final topic in the updated feature lets you review and remove recently used apps and sites from other companies that you have signed in to on Facebook.

In 2018 the Cambridge Analytica case had a big impact on Facebook and since then privacy has been a major concern of social networking. The assurance has been provided by Mark Zuckerberg, who has spoken since 2019 of the need for Facebook to "invest a significant amount" in engineering resources and in creating tools to review products and the ways the company uses data.


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