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Fighting games, challenges and apps for lovers of books and messages are the …

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Fighting games, challenges and apps for lovers of books and messages are the ...

This week's games have dominated SAPO TEK's editorial choices over some of the best apps available at popular digital stores. But there was also time to make known an app that makes a "makeover" to messages and another that saves you time when choosing your favorite books.

There were four games the newsroom made known this week. Hell’s Kitchen: Match & Design, which challenges you to become a chef and create a dream kitchen, and MIXMSTR, a free game to sound like an early DJ, were some of them. In the field of "battles", RAID: Shadow Legends, in which it is up to the player to assemble a group of four warriors to fight bosses and Johnny Trigger, a game to pull the trigger at the right time, were the suggestions.

But not only for fun was this week's app week. BookNote can help you decide which books on your list are really worth reading by summarizing them, while Stylish Text lets you style your message text with over 100 different fonts to choose from.

Get to know them all in detail.

MIXMSTR is a free sound meter game

At MIXMSTR you take on the role of an early career DJ, so you have to start by playing in small clubs and conquering the audience, always progressing with major international events as a goal.

At first you will have a limited music portfolio, but it is up to you to make the best choices depending on the assistance you are in the room and especially feel and follow the beats, to make the best mixes and no nails.

It is also good to create the right sets and build an original playlist, and to update the "discography" the points that you accumulate with your performances are important, as they serve as "bargaining chips".

You can always go back to the clubs you've been to to improve your score and earn more “stars of fame” and delight in the store by upgrading your portfolio of choices, where you will find EDM, Techno and House tracks, including music. “Real” from “real artists,” according to the game's creators.

MIXMSTR is free with in-app advertising and purchases and is available for Android and iOS.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a RPG with upscale graphics

The game is based on intense battles and it's up to the player to gather a group of four warriors to fight bosses.

The fantasy world of Teleria is full of fantastic creatures, powerful monsters and legendary warriors who must join forces to overcome the army of enemies they take along the way. There are 16 factions of “champions” of different classes to choose from, typical of fantasy games: archers, orcs, sorcerers and warriors.

The game offers hundreds of characters to collect and recruit in order to build a balanced team. And that includes the walking dead, knights, elves, necromancers and others. In order to overcome the hordes of enemies and their bosses, you'll need to find special items, armor, swords and other weapons that improve the damage done to opponents.

There is also a ranking with player score tables with PvP multiplayer battles. The game even encourages confronting other players for special equipment.

But what stands out most in this simple but intense fighting game is the graphic detail of the scenarios, the effects of the explosions and spells, and of course the scenarios that the heroes run through.

You can download the game for free in versions iOS and Android.

Fed up with the preset lyrics on your smartphone? Make a makeover to your messages with this app

It's called Stylish Text and, as the name implies, lets you style your text with over 100 different fonts.

Editing photos and videos is common, but text is often forgotten. However, the Stylish Text app gives you the opportunity to choose from over 100 different fonts that you can use in various applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

With 120 styles for text, the app also provides 20 numbers and 60 symbols that you can use directly from the smartphone keyboard. This way you don't need to open the app to choose the styles you prefer.

In order not to waste a lot of time between the different styles available in the app, the app gives you the possibility to organize your favorites in a list. If you want to be more irreverent you can always use a different style in each letter.

The app also works on other social networks like Snapchat, Twitter, Messenger, Hangouts, Skype and TikTok. The application is free and available at Google Play Store and on App store.

Like to read but don't have time? BookNotes summarizes your favorite books for you

The application sort of “summarizes” your favorite works, reducing a reading time from a few days to a few minutes.

In case reading more in 2020 is one of your resolutions for the new year, but you have a busy schedule to relax with a good book, BookNote can help you achieve that. The application sort of "summarizes" your favorite works, reducing a reading time from a few days to a few minutes. So you can make the most of your public transport trips or lunch break to catch up on reading in just 15 minutes.

Credits: BookNotes

While not a complete “substitute” for reading a book, BookNote can help you decide which books on your list are really worth reading. The application has a wide selection of categories: from fiction to self-help books, not forgetting the classics.

Popular titles include George Orwell's "1984" or F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" and even books that can help you be more productive, such as Charles Duhigg's "The Power of Habits." But if you're not that much of a fan of literary works, you can also check out the "summaries" of various documentaries, including, for example, "Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates."

BookNotes is available exclusively for iOS devices. found on the App Store. The download of the application has no additional costs, however, after a free period of 7 days the user will have to choose if he wants to make a subscription to use it, which can be around 9 euros, in the Premium option, going up to 149 euros for anyone who wants to be a lifetime member of the BookNotes club.

In Johnny Trigger one throws at the bad guys. Just be careful not to hit the good ones

In the role of this professional shooter you only need accurate bullets to evolve in the game and add up to reinforce your contingent in the fight against the mafia.

Doing the name justice, Johnny Trigger is a game to pull the trigger at the right time. In it we take on the role of a sniper who scours the scene with the aim and overthrow heavily armed mobsters.

Johnny Trigger moves alone. Players "remain" be aware of the aim and shoot at the right time, amid pirouettes worthy of the action movie with the most spectacular effects.

However, you will have to be careful, because in the midst of the "bad" sometimes they are "good" and these should not be right.

Johnny Trigger is available for Android devices from the Play Store. It's free, with advertising (too much according to some comments shown), but it can be played offline (ie bypassing the problem of excessive advertising …).

Turn a rundown mansion into a Hell's Kitchen luxury restaurant

In this game the challenge is to become a chef and create a dream kitchen, to make Gordon Ramsay envious.

Hell’s Kitchen: Match & Design is a smartphone game with two distinct phases. The first is to restore and transform an old mansion into a sophisticated Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. You can destroy walls to create different areas for the restaurant by adapting the corners with the appliances and accessories you need for Michelin quality cuisine.

The second phase is when you put on the chef's jacket and get your hands dirty to create the delicious dishes, manage the whole kitchen and become a world famous name. You will have to create irresistible dishes by combining ingredients, using mini games and puzzles to solve.

The main character, Olivia, will face other rivals, so the business has to be expanded with new recipes, but also improving the restaurant whenever possible. The staff is very important, so you should hire the best employees, some of them from Hell's Kitchen itself.

Hell’s Kitchen: Match & Design free download Android and iOS.


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