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From CES to Web Summit, these are the big tech events of 2020

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From CES to Web Summit, these are the big tech events of 2020

January is the month of the Consumer Electronic Show and this year's edition runs from 7th to 10th in Las Vegas, United States, with many promises of announcements. Samsung, LG, Dell, Bosch and One Plus are among the many confirmed presences.

February already takes place the Mobile World Congress, more precisely between the 24th and 26th, with the usual city as its stage: Barcelona, ​​Spain. For the time being expected the usual news around the mobile universe, some presented in the "corridors" of the event, others in parallel, taking advantage of the spotlights for the theme.

In the third month of the year we can stay in Portugal to Pixels Camp, which will take place from March 26th to 28th again at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Lisbon. Registration for the event that brings together technology and programming conferences, promoted by Celso Martinho's Bright Pixels, has been open since last July.

Last year the Facebook developer conference took place in April, but this year is scheduled for May 5 and 6in San Jose, California. Around here, in May also happens to E-techin Setúbal.

In June follows Apple's developer conference, WWDC, which has no exact date set yet, with the Apple brand to send. to the 2019 website. Summer is in the middle and over to the end another major international event: the IFA in Berlin, from the 4th to the 9th of September.

October is usually month of TechDaysin Aveiro de IDC Directions it's from Portugal Digital Summit, promoted by ACEPI, which is more precisely scheduled for the 20th and 21st.


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