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Gamer team is developing Harry Potter RPG in Minecraft

by ace
Gamer team is developing Harry Potter RPG in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that opens the door to creativity. The tools available allow you to create entire universes and that is exactly what a team of creators is doing. Hands on and it is at the Floo Network initiative that the Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is being born, an experience inspired by the Harry Potter saga that will bring to the digital world of the game, a replica of Hogwarts.

Note that this is not just an architectural creation. This universe will allow you to participate in activities inspired by Harry Potter's school life (yes, Quidditch included) and visit Diagon Alley. In short, it is a game within a game.

Floo Network has not advanced any release date for this RPG, but will release a first version for free, which will give you access to areas such as Hagrid's hut and the castle's great hall. This version should arrive before the end of January. If you want to contribute to the development of the game, you can make a donation through Patreon that the team opened for the purpose.

This is a colossal project, given that the castle and its surroundings will have a dimension very similar to the one suggested in the films. However, it is not certain that the game will even be available to the public, as companies holding the saga's commercial exploitation rights may interfere in the infringement proceedings. If so, we hope that an agreement will be reached that will not undermine the enthusiasm of the community.


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