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Games and photography: 5 free apps to liven up your smartphone or tablet

by ace
Games and photography: 5 free apps to liven up your smartphone or tablet

Adventures, puzzles and even a way to add color to your Instagram photos are among the options made by the SAPO TEK team, but there's also an app that helps boost productivity and another app that promotes diabetic recipes. Find out all about the links on this page and install the apps you like best!

Want to increase your productivity level? Notion can help you

The application promises to put the pro into productivity by combining four different tools into one minimalist design space.

The huge variety of productivity suites and applications available online can not only overwhelm users, but also cause them to have to install multiple platforms to bridge the “gaps” they encounter. If you're tired of combining endless online tools to keep up with all your appointments and tasks, Notion may present a solution to your problem.

In all, the application combines four tools in a single minimalist design space, and can be used for individual or group projects, whether in professional environments or for everyday life.

Through the Notes & Docs feature, the user can not only take notes, but also add audio, video, images, and the application supports over 30 types of media files. The Knowledge Base, on the other hand, is a kind of encyclopedia that aims to help knowledge sharing among team members. While the Tasks & Projects tool can help make teamwork more efficient, Spreadsheets & Databases promises to keep the database creation process more organized.

Notion is available not only for Android platforms, at Play Store, and iOS, on the App Store, but also as desktop application, either for Mac and Windows.

Traffic Puzzle uses public transport in the typical match 3 game

The goal is to combine three cars, planes or helicopters to relieve traffic on the streets of this typical puzzle game.

The match 3 formula is well known and there are countless games based on such popular mechanics. Traffic Puzzle is one of them, relying on public transport such as cars, airplanes, helicopters and others, each piece with its own behavior. That is, unlike other similar games with jewels and fruits, the cars obey their movement, so the cars move in the direction they are facing, and helicopters can move more freely.

The game features colorful and relaxing levels with intuitive controls where you can use special skills to clear the road from congestion. Also because ambulances need to reach the emergency sites and it is up to the player to help their movement.

You can download Traffic Puzzle in versions iOS and Android.

With this photo editing app your Instagram account won't go unnoticed

From filters, collages and even unusual effects, the app has a lot of offers for users that can stand out on social networks.
You can say goodbye to "trite" Instagram photos with the Instasquare Photo Editor app: Effect, Resize. The application allows you to edit photos, make collages and select from hundreds of filters, pic grids, photo frames, backgrounds and scrapbooks.

Enabling you to automatically resize photos to Instagram size without cropping images, the app can make you a better "collage maker" with hundreds of photo effects and image backgrounds.

Another possibility is to create mirror effects for your photos, with various sticks like flowers, crowns, stickers, layouts and filters. If the final product is to your liking and ready to publish, the app has also thought of you. If you don't want to wait to post the photo to social networks, you can do so directly through the app.

Instasquare Photo Editor: Effect, Resize is free and available at Google Play Store.

The name is not misleading: this is a recipe app for diabetics

Diabetes imposes some dietary restrictions, but this does not prevent sufferers from being entitled to delicious recipes. These are always at hand from the smartphone.

Meals are really important for people with diabetes, as some foods raise glucose levels more than others. Diabetes Recipes wants to help with this important part of disease control.

The app features several low-carbohydrate proposals and different ways to cook them in a step-by-step process. There are over 100 recipes that come in categories such as fish, meat, vegetables and salads, desserts without sugar, among others.

From the application you can create a list of favorite recipes or mark ingredients already used, as well as share the recipes with friends and family.

According to its creators, Diabetic Recipes is frequently updated to include new healthy suggestions, which may also be suitable for those who want to diet or simply for those who want to eat better, they point out.

Diabetic Recipes is free and available for android devices.

Set off on an 8-bit world adventure and escape the monster claws in Bleak Sword

Devolver Digital's latest creation promises to appeal to retro video game fans with its 8-bit design.

Devolver Digital, the videogame studio that made the world known by titles such as Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon and My Friend Pedro, presented its latest bet in the field of mobile gaming in September.

In Bleak Sword, an action title with fantasy elements, the player will have to venture nine dark chapters to save the world from the Bleak Sword curse. To fulfill your mission you will have to eliminate all sorts of creatures that will eventually emerge from the most unexpected corners of any forest, swamp, castle or dungeon: all accompanied by a soundtrack authored by award-winning composer Jim Guthrie.

But that's not all: if the player manages to reach the end of the nine chapters, he will be “rewarded” with an Arena Mode that will test his skills and 30 achievements to unlock. If you need a little help on your quest, the player can resort to the magic or various items they will encounter on their way.

Its 8-bit design adds to its color palette in shades of black, white and red, creating an appearance that promises to appeal to retro video game fans. Devolver Digital creation is available for iOS operating system devices at App storeas part of the Apple Arcade title collection.


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