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Gather friends and try the best apps of the week

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Gather friends and try the best apps of the week

Whether it's organizing your music playlists on your smartphone, or inadvertently deleting photos and videos, there are always solutions to help users. And if you subscribe to several newsletters, such as SAPO TEK, you can organize them into a single application, in the simplest way. These are some of the proposals we have for you this week.

But there is more to try. A game based on a popular Japanese series, as well as an application to be able to talk in writing, without leaving any record, as if it were in person.

Discover all the apps of the week in detail.

Playlistmania makes it easy to transfer playlists between streaming services

He spends a lot of time creating “the playlist of playlists,” with the songs forever and ever, and when it comes to switching streaming services, all the work went in vain. This app wants to ensure that this effort doesn't fall apart.

Anyone who has switched music streaming service may have already encountered the problem of re-creating their playlists. Playlistmania wants to save you work by helping you with "change".

Launched very recently, this application proposes to convert playlists from one music service to another, so that the process is as simple as possible. This is not only for when we want to change streaming platforms, but also when we want to add playlists from other services to ours: just copy the link from the playlist in question to download it.

Free and available for Android, for now Playlistmania only supports transfers between Spotify and Deezer platforms, but according to its creator, the intention is to include other services – without discarding Apple Music …

Champions series Oliver and Benji can now be played on smartphones

Captain Tsubasa's popular cartoons have spawned a new video game, encouraging players to build a dream team to take on opponents around the world.

The younger ones still remember to vibrate Captain Tsubasa's incredible moves in the popular animated series Champions Oliver and Benji. The famous series of Japanese origin has given rise to a new video game available on mobile terminals, where players have to form a team with their favorite characters. Then you will have to take part in competitions against other teams around the globe.

The studio has tried to recreate the best moments of the series and this includes some of the fantastic moves, namely the signature feints of the cartoon characters, such as Tsubasa's “Buckle Shot” or Kojiro Hyuga's “Tiger Shot”. The animations promise to envelop the player in the atmosphere of television, produced in 3D and include the voices of the characters.

The matches take place through small matches, basically to decide the dominance of the ball, the passes and shots for goal. You will need to place cards that represent the actions between the players. Gathering money from matches allows you to improve athletes and their special skills.

You can download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team in versions iOS and Android.

Unintentionally deleted a smartphone image or video? Dumpster solves the problem

The Android app is free and lets you "resurrect" files you have permanently deleted from your phone.

Accidentally deleting an image or video on your smartphone can happen to anyone relatively easily. But with Dumpster that doesn't have to be a problem, as Dumpster lets you recover files you delete from your Android device.

To successfully accomplish this task the application saves all deleted files, images and videos in a handy and affordable recovery mode. In order to get back what you want on your device you just have to click on the files and the application will take care of the rest.

In a premium version, the application offers a cloud solution, allowing you to free up storage space on your device. Users can back up deleted images, files, and videos to the Dumpster cloud, then undelete them, easily recovering them.

The application is free and available only to android devices.

Simplify decision making with Random.org randomizers

If you are a naturally undecided person, or need a little more technological help when making decisions, Certified True Randomizers can be a useful ally.

With the holiday season right on the doorstep, it is likely that your group of friends or even co-workers will do the “Secret Friend” gift exchange. If you want to avoid potential confusion when deciding who will offer what to whom, the set of randomizers created by Random.org can give some help.

Almost a decade ago, the page created in 1998 by Mads Haar of Trinity College's School of Computer Science and Statistics in Dublin, today run by Randomness and Integrity Services Ltd., decided to go beyond the world of online randomizers. Since then Certified True Randomizers have been helping undecided users simplify some of the decisions of their lives.

The application features six different modes tailored to the type of decision the user wants to make. If you want, for example, to decide who is going to wash the dishes or dump the garbage today, you can use the “Coin Flipper”. If you are preparing a Monopoly session or any other board game and you happen to lose the dice, you can use the Dice Roller. If you are already undecided on pizza or salad for dinner, the List Randomizer may be the option you are looking for.

Certified True Randomizers are available from both Play Store, for Android, as in App store, for iOS. Although Coin Flipper mode is free, the others have an additional cost ranging from 0.72 to 7.22 euros.

Yap: Chat without writing, just like in real life

Talking implies what? Pay attention to what the other person says at the moment. Already in most messaging apps we can always walk backwards in conversation history, right? This doesn't happen in Yap's chat rooms.

The concept is simple: to have a space reserved for “occasional talks” where you can invite up to six friends at a time. You can only say one thing at a time (with a 140 character limit) and when you talk back, the new message will make the old one disappear. That is, in Yap's chat rooms there is no history

The conversation is immediate and “ephemeral,” as it happens in real life: heard heard, didn't hear heard (or ask to repeat). Along with the security this can provide when it comes to safeguarding message privacy, the creators of the platform say it's great for commenting on soccer matches with friends, following live broadcasts, joking about a topic or even studying. .

Yap does not require any registration or personal data. Just access the link https://yap.chat, pick a theme, and invite someone else to join the conversation. The room itself is divided into small windows for each of the participants and a larger one where the links you want to share appear.

Bring the newsletters together in one box with Slick

If you subscribe to several newsletters then this app is for you. Slick promises to tidy up such neat “stuff” so you don't get lost in spam or promotional content and a “tailored” reading experience.

Very recently made available, it should be noted at the outset that Slick is still under development, so it may be unstable. It is an app for those who subscribe to various newsletters and would like to have these features better organized.

The application proposes to bring together all subscribed newsletters from one place, providing an email box for that purpose.

According to its owner, Slick provides a unique email address with which interested parties subscribe to the newsletters and from that moment on they are all “saved” from the app. In addition to being packed in a single box, without the possibility of interfering ads, the reading experience is also improved, it is guaranteed.

Slick is free and available from Google Play in early access mode.


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