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Get ready for a 2020 "full" with new apps for your smartphone or …

by ace
Get ready for a 2020 "full" with new apps for your smartphone or ...

We have officially entered 2020 and, for many, entering the new year means starting to implement all previously planned resolutions. This week you can count on two applications that can not only help you invest in your "perfect rest" with meditation and relaxation sessions, but also become healthier with a virtual personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

But that's not all: if you are a social media buff and are always looking for ways to improve the photos and videos you post, you will find in this week's suggestions two applications that will address the issue, bringing even more creativity to your publications. . Mobile game fans can also count on an app that lets them collect thousands of virtual dragons and track their evolution from simple loving babies to fearsome fire-breathing.

Don't want to waste a lot of time editing a video compilation? The Lomotif app is about it

Editing multiple videos and photos may not be a pleasant task for everyone. Thinking about it, the Lomotif app does it for you, but you can also make any changes you want.

New Year's Eve is almost here, and so are the videos and photos that mark that day. The Lomotif app can be chosen when compiling the best moments of the night, allowing you to merge several short videos with background music without any editing required.

To get started, you'll need to import the videos or photos you want to compile and add the music you prefer. It has a free library with millions of songs at your disposal.

After this task the app compiles the videos by itself, requiring no editing at all. But if you are not happy with the end result, you can make any adjustments you deem necessary, such as cuts and transitions. Among the many features available you can choose filters and add letters to the assembly.

Once you're done, the app lets you share content directly on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. The application is free and available for download at Google Play Store and on App store.

Start the new year by investing in your “perfect rest”

Mindwell is not free, but in return promises its users meditation, relaxation and energizing “to measure” with the help of Artificial Intelligence and ASMR.

According to its creators, Mindwell combines "isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies and spoken orientation" to create 350 meditation tracks.

It is designed to introduce the benefits of meditation to daily life, improving users' mental health and allowing them to recover faster from stressful or disturbing moments.

The application has an extensive library of guides that can be applied to different emotional states, including dealing with difficult situations, relationships and personal growth.

With the MoodShift feature, it is able to “map” an individual's mood over time, allowing anyone to select their mood and gauge their progress.

Mindwell is available for Android and iOS. It is free to download and can be used this way for a week, but then follows subscription plans.

Stay in shape by 2020 with Sworkit: a tailored virtual personal trainer

Whether you are a complete beginner or have a busy schedule, Sworkit promises to be a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, allowing you to customize training sessions to your needs.

If getting fit is one of your resolutions for 2020, but you have a busy life that doesn't always allow you to go to the gym, Sworkit can help you meet your goal and start the year healthier. The app not only provides a series of exercises that can be performed at home without any extra equipment, but also allows you to customize training sessions to your needs.

In an interface with a simple design, the user can choose what kind of exercises they want to do, from strength training to aerobic, not forgetting stretches, pilates or even yoga. Even if you are a beginner or have difficulty performing certain movements, Sworkit features a series of less intense exercises so you can stay healthy without endangering your fitness.

After choosing the type of training you want to do, the user only needs to indicate the duration of the session, and even have the possibility to adjust the time between each exercise. Throughout the training, Sworkit also presents animations for each of the movements to be performed, each doubt arises. Also, in order not to lose the thread, Sworkit shows you your progress.

Sworkit is available for both Android, at Play Store, as for iOS, on the App Store, and can even integrate it into applications like Apple Health or even MyFitnessPal. After a free seven-day period, to continue using it, you will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription, which is around 3.99 euros, or yearly, for 99.99 euros.

Dragon City is a kind of Pokémon, but with dragons

Collect thousands of evolving dragons from simple loving babies to fearsome fire-breathing.

There is something seductive about Dragon City, a game that encourages players to collect countless dragons of all kinds and shapes. You will have to train and feed the little cubs, who exchange their fragile, friendly air when they are babies, for imposing creatures when they grow up, spitting fire if necessary. There is even a mechanism for breeding hybrid creatures by "mating" the species. The studio promises about a thousand dragons available to collect.

The game takes place in the Dragon City that gives it its name, and lets you fill all the city's locations with dragons. You will have to team up with the most powerful creatures and enter into PVP battle arenas, making it possible to create alliances with other players.

You can also unlock visuals for creatures, many of them through special events such as New Year's Eve. Other dragons are rewarded as exclusive rewards for battles against other players and tournaments through unlocked chests.

Dragon City is a free game and can be played on mobile devices. Android and iOS.

This year you want to bet on more creative photos on social networks? Over app can be an option

Publishing a simple photo can be a thing of the past with this free iOS and Android app that combines photo editing with text.

Instastories have been famous on Instagram since 2016 and frequent to many users. For those who want to venture into stories or content they publish on other platforms, there's the Over: Edit & Add Text to Photos app, which turns your photos into more personalized text content.

To start venturing into a new "world" of creativity, you'll need to sign in with Facebook or Gmail. From there you will have access to a varied set of templates, which you can edit and customize to your liking, and adjust the size for the type of publication you want to make. But you can also choose to start from scratch.

Editing images from your gallery or app, text, graphics and shapes are the tools the app provides. Then you can make whatever adjustments you feel you need and the tests you want until you like the end result.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android. However, some of the templates and effects require a paid subscription.


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