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Google will stop showing notifications whenever apps are updated …

by ace
Google will stop showing notifications whenever apps are updated ...

Every year Google Play Store apps are updated, which means that if you have many apps installed on your Android smartphone, you also get a lot of notifications every time. But that will change in the future.

The information was given by a Google spokesman to AndroidPolice, after reporting earlier this year the status of a possible bug, after several netizens complained that they stopped receiving notifications in November 2019. Since then, more users have shared the same issue on platforms like Reddit and the forum of Oneplus. Still, no concrete dates were disclosed.

In this gif, for example, you can see that by tapping "update" on Google Fi, the Play Store signals that the app is being updated, but thereafter no notification appears confirming that the update has completed.

Google Play Store Lack of notifications about completed updates on Google Play Store

To update applications has access to the latest features, as well as improving the security and stability of apps. The Google Play Store gives you the ability to update apps downloaded and installed on your Android device individually or automatically.

In 2018 Google debuted a points plan in Japan, but in 2019 launched the news in the United States, which will allow them to earn points with apps and games. There is still no news about possible expansions of the program to Europe or, more specifically, Portugal, but its transfer from Japan to the US is a good indication that this could happen.


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