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Hide the wallet: Black Friday has come to Steam

by ace
Hide the wallet: Black Friday has come to Steam

Another time of year has come when impulse buying also happens in digital video game stores, notably Steam Sales. It's the horror of PC gaming fans who take advantage of the season to catch up on their library, or rather add "news" to their "back log". As you can see on the Steam homepage, until December 3rd, more precisely at 6 pm Lisbon there are good discounts.

In order not to get lost in the promotions, SAPO TEK has curated some of the games you should seriously consider putting in your collection if you don't already have them. Take, for example, the excellent No Man’s Sky, which was recently updated with a lot of content and is 50% off. The same percentage for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds It now costs 15 euros. Already Hitman 2 is 75% off in its Gold version, which features all the expansions and exclusive items.

Steam also offers special discounts for complete series with impeccable prices. See yourself at Max Payne trilogy which can be purchased for 14 euros. AND Ubisoft's Far Cry with eight gamesfrom the top five series and the spin offs Primal, New Dawn and Blood Dragon, accounts made costing a total of 77 euros, basically almost the price of a recent game. And if you're in to take on Batman, all the Arkham series is 75% off, costing 5 euros per game or the Arkham Collection edition for 15 euros. Also have similar discounts for LEGO Dark Knight versions. Also consider Dark souls, Civilization, Borderlands and Assassins Creed as examples of series with great highlights.

In the gallery see other proposals you should consider purchasing during this discount period.


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