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HP: “In the last three years we have grown at an average of 10% per year”

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HP: “In the last three years we have grown at an average of 10% per year”

Job creation, and greater digitization of companies, has also helped this growth. "Our technology is personal, having more people working also means there is more need for technology," he says, noting that we have never had such a low unemployment rate in recent years.

But in addition to the dynamics inherent in the economy and market factors, José Correia also underlines the company's innovative positioning. “There is a dynamic for us to work with our customers,” he says. “We do not manage our customers' technology agenda but we influence. When we work in technology areas such as security, for example, there are computers for 4 or 5 years that need a refresh from the threats that exist, ”says HP's CEO.

Security is an increasingly important topic on HP's and business's agenda, says Jose Correia. “It's a concern that concerns our customers who are starting to incorporate specifications into their procurement not only in the private but also in the public sector,” he adds.

The printing business turns out to be more stable, but HP is still growing above the market, with a 3% rise in a market that is growing by only 1%. Instant Ink printing services are also proving to be a good bet, with 56% new subscribers and an adoption rate above 13% for new equipment purchases, but José Correia also points out that 6% of the installed park 10 printers are HP.

And next year? In a mature market, expectations are not bright, and IDC points to a “flat year”, although there may be some decrease in consumption as a result of a recovery from the growth of the last 3 years, but José Correia also says that everything depends on the economy. . "There are good prospects for the recovery of disposable household income," he says, noting that the great uncertainty lies in the international economy with the possible impact of Brexit, changes in Germany's economy and what will happen in Spain.


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