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Huawei plans to focus more on the world of smart cars and driving …

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Huawei plans to focus more on the world of smart cars and driving ...

Huawei is known for its strong commitment to the market for smartphones and infrastructures for telecommunications networks, especially when it comes to 5G, although for some time it has been involved in an imbroglio with the Donald Trump government. Nonetheless, the Chinese manufacturer wants to diversify its business and plans to enter even more "seriously" into the world of smart cars and autonomous driving.

At the 2020 China 5G Smart Car Summit event, Huawei announced that while it does not intend to make autonomous cars, it wants to help car manufacturers improve the equipment they produce, advances the Chinese press. According to Lu Xiaofeng, managing director of the brand's V2X product line for smart vehicles, driver needs have now completely changed. "It's all in the car's 'intelligence': from the inclusion of voice controls to the ability to do software updates on its own," he added.

By October 2019, at the World Intelligent Networked Auto Conference, Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating president, had already made it known that the manufacturer had intended to have a greater presence in the automotive industry, inspired by Tesla. The official indicated that the company was planning to use its fifth generation mobile network technology to develop radars for autonomous vehicles.

In 2018, Audi and Huawei allied to develop several projects in the area of ​​smart vehicles. The partnership aims to "improve security and optimize traffic flows to create smart cities". The German company became the first foreign car manufacturer to participate in the implementation of the LTE-V mobile communications standard on open roads in the city of Wuxi, China.

Later that year, Huawei took advantage of the Mobile World Congress to unveil the RoadReader experience in a controlled environment in which SAPO TEK participated. It was possible to use a Mate 10 Pro with artificial intelligence processor and ability to "see" the road and distinguish the environment, making decisions as you see it, to drive a Porsche Panamera.


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