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Huawei's rotating president: company survival a priority in 2020

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Huawei's rotating president: company survival a priority in 2020

"2019 was a great year for Huawei." This is how Eric Xu, the rotating president of the Chinese manufacturer starts the message of good year, although 2019 was marked by the US "attack" on the company. Still, Eric Xu warned that by 2020 growth could be more challenging.

According to the rotating president's message, the Chinese manufacturer's revenue exceeded the Chinese 850 billion yuan, which is about $ 122 billion. This means a new record for the Chinese group and an 18% increase over the previous year.

Eric Xu says Huawei has sold 240 million phones this year, compared to 206 million in 2018. And while not being the intended values, Huawei's rotating president is confident about the company's performance.

"These numbers are lower than our initial projections, but business remains solid and we remain strong in the face of adversity."

Given the US blockade imposed on Huawei in May this year, the US would have to be an issue addressed. The official acknowledged that the Chinese manufacturer is facing a "long-term" strategic campaign by the US government against its business. If the campaign persists too long, it will result in an even more "difficult" environment for the 32-year-old "to survive and thrive," said Eric Xu.

The US has placed Huawei on the Commerce Department's blacklist this year and imposed further restrictions on its ability to trade with US companies. However, the US government has granted several licenses that allow business to happen in it. The last "exception" was in November and led to the blockade being lifted until February 2020.


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