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IBM installs Technological Innovation Center in Fundão and creates 30 …

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IBM installs Technological Innovation Center in Fundão and creates 30 ...

"What we have programmed in the first phase is the development of energy and energy efficiency solutions and services, which is clearly the main focus," said IBM Portugal President António Raposo Lima at the signing ceremony of the partnership protocol with the Chamber of Fundão, cited by Agência Lusa.

This official explained that the center will be managed by Softinsa, a company of the IBM group, and has started business even before it was planned to meet the needs.

António Raposo Lima said that the company is already recruiting qualified young people from the area of ​​new information technologies and that this skills laboratory will provide services to "Portugal and the world".

"This network of centers that we develop, and which we want to see grow, provides services to the clients we have and are not restricted to Portugal. (…) About half of the activity we develop in these centers is already an export activity. , mainly in Europe, the United States of America and also in Asia, "he said.

Fundão, a center of attraction for technology companies

Regarding the choice of Fundão, António Raposo Lima pointed out the bet that this city of the Castelo Branco district has made in terms of attracting and attracting companies from the information technology sector, as well as the “ambition” of the municipality to affirm this territory as a technological hub for the global world.

"This ambition, this will, this commitment and commitment that we feel from the mayor and his team, is what really motivated Fundão to be a clear bet from IBM and Softinsa," he said.

Factors also included the fact that a network was created with higher education institutions, namely the University of Beira Interior, the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco and the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, the existence of digital accessibility and the ease to interact with the other two decentralized centers of the group, which are in Tomar and Viseu.

"We have come to find in Fundão a pool of talent and human resources that is very appropriate to what our operation needs are," he added.

This is also "the opportunity for Fundão to fly even higher," said the president of IBM Portugal, after citing the principle that has been followed by the municipality in terms of the educational education plan and that is "taking root and giving wings". "to the younger ones.

A contribution that was acknowledged by the mayor of Fundão, Paulo Fernandes, who underlined the importance that this center has to consolidate and develop the technological "ecosystem" of the county and also to "motivate" the younger ones. Several companies have opted for the county of Fundão to locate development centers such as Altran and the Code Academy.

For Paulo Fernandes, the option of setting this laboratory in the county is also an important contribution to affirming low density territories and helping to end the stigma of the interior.

"Certainly, decisions like this are perhaps the best we can do to end this stigma and put the entire national territory to create value," he said.

For now the center is installed in the building of the Market Supply, in the industrial zone, but the mayor also assured that the municipality is already working to transfer the structure to the heart of the city.

It also hoped that the center could grow and reiterated that the Fundão Chamber is already creating solutions to keep up with needs that may arise.


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