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IDC predicts exponential increase in web-connected device deployment by …

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IDC predicts exponential increase in web-connected device deployment by ...

IDC presented its most recent forecasts for the period 2020-2014 regarding the evolution of web-connected devices and the digital experiences ecosystem. The business world is making rapid strides towards digital transformation. So many organizations are trying to stay ahead of the innovation “race” by implementing the latest technology trends. In this increasingly competitive universe, it is essential for companies to gain insight into what the future may hold.

By 2023, the smartphone market will evolve so that 25% of mobile devices will have access to 5G networks, 10% will use Artificial Intelligence to access the radio wave spectrum in hard to reach areas and 5% will provide access to voice services. by satellite. In the business world, IDC indicates that by 2024, 20% of all smartphones made available by organizations to their employees will come from lots of renewed stock.

In the wearables market, IDC indicates that next year, employees of 10% of service companies will use such devices to increase their effectiveness and safety at work by about 40%. By 2023, 40% of insurers' plans will include incentives for wearable wearers such as smartwatches to monitor health levels to meet certain daily goals.

According to IDC, the use of Artificial Intelligence will cover even more sectors from the coming years. For example, by 2022, 40% of companies will use technology at their conference calls to create a more collaborative experience. By 2024, more than 60% of luxury hotels are expected to use robotic attendants. IDC also indicates that while concerns about data privacy issues persist, the number of annual shipments of smart home appliances will grow exponentially, doubling the levels recorded in 2018.

Cloud gaming and streaming services will significantly spark investor interest in 2020. However, IDC predicts that less than 10 million gamers will pay to access videogames on such platforms.


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