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Instagram: Boomerang Wins Editing Tools

by ace
Instagram: Boomerang Wins Editing Tools

Boomerang is one of Instagram's most popular features. It appeared even before the Stories, but with them gained another notoriety. Now the social network has decided to give you new tools to make you more capable and to open new doors to users' creativity.

Again we have a cut option that will allow you to adjust the length of the boomerang and decide where the clip starts and ends; a slow motion effect that halves playback speed; Echo, which applies a motion filter to video; and the Duo, a filter that simulates digital glitches.

TechCrunch writes that these effects are not exactly new. Snapchat introduced them in 2015, while TikTok also has a substantial range of options.

In practice, these tools make Boomerang a more modern feature and offer new ways to explore the format years after introducing the famous "loop" on Instagram.


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