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Ironhack prepares a 2020 "full" with new formations and there is even room for …

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Ironhack prepares a 2020 "full" with new formations and there is even room for ...

The end of 2019 is fast approaching and the arrival of the new year is for many the time to plan their goals for the future. Thinking about who intends to make a radical change in their career path by 2020, Ironhack has prepared a training offer to respond to those who want to make a career in technology. The technology training school has announced the opening of applications for the second edition of its Web Development and Data Analytics bootcamps, which begin on February 11 next year.

The intensive training courses are aimed at those who do not want to leave their current job to start their studies, with a duration of 24 weeks part-time. “In Portugal there is a shortage of specialized resources in the technological areas, so there is a huge potential for professional retraining. Betting on technology education is, therefore, increasingly the path to a successful future with career advancement opportunities and competitive salaries. The new year is an excellent motto for this reset, ”says Álvaro González, CEO of Ironhack Lisboa, quoted in a press release.

To facilitate participants' entry into the job market after training, Ironhack organizes Hiring Week at the end of the courses. Over the course of a week, students have the opportunity not only to hear about proposals from various companies, but also to be interviewed by recruiters.

Those interested in giving their career a technological edge, even if they have no prior knowledge in the field, can apply for bootcamps. on Ironhack's homepage until January 25th. But to be able to participate, they need to be over 18 years old, have an intermediate level of English and have a 60-hour background on Web Development or Data Analytics. The training has a cost of 7,500 euros and can be paid in monthly up to 30 months.

Win a purse playing Sims? With Ironhack you can

Tech Training School and Electronic Arts (EA) have decided to join forces not only to celebrate the arrival of the new expansion The Sims 4 Discover University, but also to encourage players to learn new technology skills. Video game enthusiasts will be able to apply for a scholarship at one of Ironhack's nine schools around the world. In all, Ironhack and EA will award 400 scholarships worth 800,000 euros for training in Web Development, UX / UI Design, as well as Data Analytics starting in 2020.

“We believe that technological talent can be found anywhere. That's why we are helping to bridge the tech talent gap by training people from various backgrounds, ”said Gonzalo Manrique, co-founder of Ironhack, quoted in a press release. According to the official, the partnership with EA could “encourage anyone who follows” Sims, even if they have no previous experience, in order to “learn new and highly valued skills for a successful career in technology”. .

EA video game enthusiasts who want to bet on a more technological future can apply until December 17 on Ironhack's homepage, and there are no specific prerequisites to participate. Results will be published on January 24, 2020.


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