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Is DJI building a terrestrial drone?

by ace
Is DJI building a terrestrial drone?

DJI has a product portfolio that comprises various types of drones and gimbals, but none of them resemble what the company may be developing. According to a patent registered by the technology, detected online by a user of social network Weibo, the next drone of the Chinese brand will be terrestrial.

The technical drawing shows us a device with wheels, rotors and an elaborate suspension where the camera is supported and stabilized. Unlike other competing proposals, this ground drone should feature an integrated camera, as is usual with most DJI equipment.

Suspension and stabilizer will play a key role, especially on rough terrain where the user seeks to collect quality images.

A terrestrial drone will always be able to capture images that a flying drone cannot (and vice versa, of course), so launching a device with these features makes perfect sense for DJI. Note, however, that this is just a patent and, although detailed, it does not mean that the company will even make such a device available.


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