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Leak shows new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

by ace
Leak shows new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10 last August 23, but it seems that the technology has a new variant under development. According to WinFuture, which recently published a pair of leaks, it is a more economical Lite version with less robust features.

The pictures show us that the device will have a front camera similar to the Note 10 that we met a few months ago. Apparently, the South Korean company will again bet on the so-called "hole" and a set of three cameras to the back of the smartphone. However, in this last chapter, Samsung should use a different arrangement, accommodating the lens and flash in a square module, much like what we see in the new iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4.

Despite Lite, the device will keep the S Pen. In fact, as a recent Samsung certification indicates, the phone may even have support for Bluetooth 5.1, which should improve pen position monitoring with respect to the smartphone.

According to the leaks, the Note 10 Lite is expected to hit the market in three colors: black, red and a mirrored gradient tone composed of several colors.

Given the current line of Galaxy Note 10 equipment, it is easy to understand what this new Lite will look like, since there is already a Note 10 and a Note 10 Plus, so this model should be for Note 10, as the S10e is. to that same line.


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