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Microsoft announces arrival of Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019

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Microsoft announces arrival of Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019

Microsoft revealed at the 2019 Game Awards the mystery behind the already announced Scarlett Project. The Xbox Series X is the tech giant's new console and is due to arrive in the holiday season of 2020. The company also revealed the arrival of the first title for the console, "Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2", and even used it. to demonstrate the capabilities of the new equipment.

At the presentation, the company chose not to disclose the full details of its new bet, promising only that the new equipment will be "faster and more powerful than ever". Microsoft console enthusiasts also learned that the Xbox Series X has a different design than usual. Unlike equipment launched in the past, it has a minimalist look and a vertical orientation that may even resemble a computer tower.

Microsoft later revealed, on the Xbox page, more details about your new console. According to Xbox Head Phil Spencer, the new "industrial design" of the device offers four times more processing power than Xbox One X, promising to be not only efficient but also quiet. In addition to the vertical orientation equipment, the Xbox Series X also has a horizontal version, although the company does not confirm the rumors that they report two different models of the console called "Lockhart" and "Anaconda."

Regarding the technical details of the Xbox Series X, Phil Spencer indicated, as he had already revealed in August at E3 2019, that it will have a custom processor based on the Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture, promising to be four times more powerful than the current Xbox One X. The console will have GDDR6 RAM, capable of improving image resolution while keeping framerates high. The information also gives the console support games at 8K resolution, as well as framerates at 120 FPS.

The official also announced that, in addition to the compatibility with games from previous versions of the console and the arrival of Hellblade's successor: Senua's Sacrifice, the Xbox Series X will host many more games. For now, one of the titles planned for 2020 is Halo Infinite, and about 15 new titles are already being developed. All internal Microsoft studios are already working on games for the console.


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