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Microsoft reveals that 44 million users have reused passwords that already …

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Microsoft reveals that 44 million users have reused passwords that already ...

As cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated methods to carry out their malicious intent, maintaining the security of your computer, web-connected devices and applications is a priority. However, a recently published research from Microsoft reveals that many users reuse their passwords, something that easily opens the door to cybercrime. The situation becomes worse when access credentials have already been exposed online through security holes.

Between January and March this year, Microsoft's security team reviewed 3 billion compromised credentials in online leaks. Experts found that altogether 44 million users would be using passwords that had been previously exposed. According to the researchers, the credentials belonged to several technology giant service accounts, including the Cloud Azure platform.

The company alerted the users in question after the discovery. For consumers whose passwords had been compromised in security holes, Microsoft forced the reconfiguration of credentials. As for business customers, the company has warned account administrators to begin the process of changing their passwords.

a 2018 study from the Department of Computational Sciences from the University of Virginia Tech quoted by Microsoft indicates that of a sample of 30 million users, 52% admit to having reused their passwords. About 30% of these credentials can easily be found by cybercriminals, who only need 10 attempts to crack them. Hackers can then use the information obtained to try to access more accounts that you have.

To ensure the security of your accounts, Microsoft recommends extra attention. While password reuse is not a good idea at all, the company indicates that credentials should be “strengthened” through, for example, multifactor authentication. If you need inspiration for your next password, here you can recall the list of the worst password offenders of 2018, which brings together in a Top10 the individuals and organizations that starred the biggest gaffes.

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