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MIT team can "peek" behind the camera by analyzing the …

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MIT team can "peek" behind the camera by analyzing the ...

Founded in 1963 as Project MAC, the Computer Science & Artificial Inyelligence Lab (CSAIL) results from the merger between the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab), with over 900 researchers and an annual budget of $ 65 million, but what is important is the research that is done in this lab that is helping the evolution of various areas of knowledge, one of which is imaging.

Among the many projects being developed, one of the teams proposed to "peek" behind the film cameras, using the information as the lights and leftovers were reflected on the objects, thus guessing movements, people and equipment not are visible in the image.

A few years ago a team had already created a system that used the floor, walls and even doors as "mirrors" to capture information about what was outside the usual observation zone, using special lasers to produce recognizable images, but this new Another research team took advantage of this discovery and dispensed with the special equipment, thus allowing to analyze the images of any video.

The slight variations of light and shadow reflected in a pile of material are an example of what you can do.

This way, any image from a simple camcorder can be used to "peek" behind, in a space not in sight.

Researchers say this type of image reconstruction may one day prove useful in a number of areas, such as using autonomous cars that can figure out what will come at an intersection without visibility, or caring for the elderly to increase the safety of residents. in care centers, or even in search and rescue teams that can improve your ability to navigate hazardous and obstructed areas.

This and other projects can be known in detail on the CSAIL website.


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