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MIXMSTR is a free sound meter game

by ace
MIXMSTR is a free sound meter game

At first you will have a limited music portfolio, but it is up to you to make the best choices depending on the assistance you are in the room and especially feel and follow the beats, to make the best mixes and no nails.

It is also good to create the right sets and build an original playlist, and to update the "discography" the points that you accumulate with your performances are important, as they serve as "bargaining chips".

You can always go back to the clubs you've been to to improve your score and earn more “stars of fame” and delight in the store by upgrading your portfolio of choices, where you'll find EDM, Techno and House tracks, namely music “Real” from “real artists,” according to the game's creators.

MIXMSTR is free with in-app advertising and purchases and is available for Android and iOS.


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