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More than half of Portuguese Internet users visit telecommunications sites …

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More than half of Portuguese Internet users visit telecommunications sites ...

According to the study “Behavior of the Portuguese Population on the Internet”, developed by PSE, about 59% of Portuguese Internet users visit telecommunication websites every month. Among the 11 sectors studied by researchers, the domain is the fifth most visited by national users.

In all, the study indicates that there are 23 monthly visits to telecommunication web pages per user, with internet users spending an average of about 82 seconds on each visit. MEO and NOS stand out as the brands whose sites have the most visitors, followed by Vodafone. As for the duration, users spend more time on the platforms of Altice Portugal's subsidiary operator and NOWO's.

Based on 2018 data, the research analyzed the online activities of 1,757 users on the PC, smartphone and tablet and created 15 behavioral profiles for the Internet users studied, observing their interaction with 11 of the main activity sectors. Among the different types of Internet users, “The Browser” is the profile with the largest internet presence in Portugal.

Click on the gallery to get to know the 15 behavioral profiles of Portuguese Internet users

The study of the company specializing in data science shows that, on average, 89% of Portuguese over the age of 15 access the Internet monthly, making 74 visits per day. The data revealed translates to an average of two hours of browsing per day on average per internet user, ie 53 hours per month. Experts conclude that population digitization is a relevant reality, but with many differences, as social class and education are differentiating factors in the online world.

The media sector is the one that leads to the highest number of visits on the Internet, with an average of 117 monthly visits, followed by the classified area, which originates 80 visits per month. Retail, banking and tourism are the other most visited areas on the Internet. According to the data, it is in the classifieds that Internet users spend on average more time on the Internet (98 seconds per visit), followed by retail (93), automobile (92), tourism (88) and telecommunications (82).

With regard to searches, 26% of Portuguese people make comparative research on analysis of products and / or services and their prices, followed by research on topics related to travel, tourism and other leisure activities (25%). More than one-fifth of respondents are looking for more information technology information, including product reviews and comparisons (22%).


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